Saturday, 13 August 2022

Airbus Updates No.3767


 Airbus A320 -251N 10837  TF- Play ferried 10aug22 TLS-MPL, OE-reg for paint prior delivery ex OE-IBE
 Airbus A320 -251N 10919  N393FR Frontier Airlines delivery 10aug22 BFM-TPA “Two-Toed Sloth” ex F-WZMX
 Airbus A320 -251N 10937  EI-SIT SAS Connect delivery 05aug22 TLS-CPH ex F-WWDS
 Airbus A320 -251N 10954  B-32AR Air China delivery 13aug22 SN-CTU ex B-000N
 Airbus A321 -232 1848  LN-RKK SAS ferried 11-12aug22 OSL-KEF-BGR-TPA on delivery to Cargo Aircraft Management ex SE-REG
 Airbus A321 -211(F) 1994  D-AEUB ST Aerospace / EFW ferried 12aug22 CAN-DMK on delivery to? ex OE-LCS
 Airbus A321 -231 5025  YL-LDR smartLynx Airlines posn 05aug22 RIX-MAN on wet-lease to TUI Airways ex A9C-CA
 Airbus A321 -211 7879  A6- Air Arabia ferried 12aug22 KUN-OSL-ERF, N-reg after paint prior deliery ex N228WG
 Airbus A321 -211 7903  A6- Air Arabia ferried 11aug22 KUN-OSL-ERF, N-reg after paint prior deliery ex N229WG
 Airbus A321 -253NX 10980  N459AN American Airlines delivery 10aug22 BFM-SAT ex F-WZMZ
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10989  HA-LZU Wizz Air delivery 11aug22 XFW-BUD ex D-AZAF
 Airbus A330 -343(F) 1401  B-LDU Air Hong Kong at DUB 11aug22 after paint into DHL partner cs ex M-MWYL
 Airbus A340 -313 374  9H-BIG1 Air X Charter posn re-regd 12aug22 CHR-STN ex 9H-BIG
 Airbus A340 -313 447  D-AIFF Lufthansa ferried 10aug22 LETL-FRA prior rtn to svc ex F-WWJB
 Airbus A350 -941 506  B-329S China Southern delivery 13aug22 TLS-CAN ex F-WZNZ
 Airbus A350 -941 573  B- China Eastern delivery 09aug22 TLS-TSN, F-reg for cabin completion and paint ex F-WZHE

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