Monday, 4 July 2022

Airbus Updates No.3734


Airbus A320 -271N 10901  SX-NEE Aegean Airlines delivery 30jun22 TLS-ATH ex F-WWII
 Airbus A320 -251N 10936  B-32A3 Air China delivery 01jul22 TSN-CTU ex B-000C
 Airbus A320 -271N 10949  PR-XBI Latam Brasil delivery 30jun22 TLS-FOR-CNF ex F-WWBC
 Airbus A321 -211 1185  YL-LDO smartLynx Airlines posn 01jul22 BHX-MAN on wet-lease to TUI Airways ex OH-LZC
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10648  B-329Q Zhejiang Loong Airlines for delivery 01-02jul22 XFW-TAS-HGH ex D-AZWX
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10657  B-32A1 Air China delivery 30jun-01jul22 XFW-NQZ-PEK (+ 10713 B-328N) ex D-AVZF
 Airbus A321 -271NXLR 10856  XA-VXD VivaAerobus delivery 30jun22 XFW-KEF-BGR-MTY ex D-AXAA
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10915  B-18109 China Airlines delivery 01-02jul22 XFW-DWC-BKK-TPE ex D-AZAP
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10930  HA-LZM Wizz Air delivery 30jun22 XFW-BUD ex D-AVZY
 Airbus A330 -202 272  EI-DIR Sasof Aviation Ireland ferried 01jul22 AMM-CHR ex A6-EYV
 Airbus A330 -243 285  F-HCAT Corsair International ferried 01jul22 ORY-DGX for part-out & scrap ex F-WWKB
 Airbus A330 -202 749  EC-NUL Plus Ultra Lineas Aéreas delivery 27jun22 LETL-MAD, OE-reg canx 30jun22 ex OE-IGR
 Airbus A330 -202 950  EC-KTG Air Europa ferried 30jun22 AUH-PMI, for Hans Airways as G-KJAS ex F-WWKQ
 Airbus A330 -343(F) 958  9H-VDC Galistair posn 02-03jul22 FRA-PIT-MEX on wet-lease to MasAir ex EI-GVZ
 Airbus A330 -343 1382  9H-SMD smartLynx Airlines Malta posn 02jul222 BHX-FRA on wet-lease to Condor till jan23 ex EC-NBP
 Airbus A330 -243 1492  PR-AIS Azul Linhas Aereas ferried 01jul22 LAMM-DUB, for Força Aérea Brasileira ex N941AV
 Airbus A330 -243 1508  VP-BDV Avolon Aerospace ferried 01jul22 LDE-PGF, for Força Aérea Brasileira ex OE-IDV
 Airbus A330 -243MRTT 2007  . Armée de l´Air ferried 04jul22 LEGT-MLA for paint prior delivery ex EC-341
 Airbus A350 -941 562  F-HTYR Air France delivery 29jun22 TLS-CDG ex F-WZGQ
 Airbus Canada A220 -300 55171  F-HZUJ Air France delivery 02jul22 YMX-CDG ex C-FOYA

Airbus Updates No.3733


Airbus A319 -112 1277  D-AKNS Eurowings ferried 04jul22 DUS-DGX for part-out & scrap, basic germanwings cs ex N743UW
 Airbus A319 -153NCJ 10673  P4-HUA Comlux Malta air-test at BSL 01jul22, SinoJer ltit and logo prior delivery ex 9H-HUA
 Airbus A320 -232 1998  LY-VEL Avion Express posn 30jun22 KUN-AYT on wet-lease to Sun Express ex EI-EUB
 Airbus A320 -232 2156  EI-HCU DVB Bank ferried 01-04jul22 TUS-ANC-CTS-PNH, still in Itapemirimcs ex PS-SFC
 Airbus A320 -232 2649  PK-SGD Super Air Jet delivery 30jun-01jul22 LFBF-AAN-MAA-CGK ex 9H-AJD
 Airbus A320 -214 2768  9H-AEO Air Malta ferried 30jun22 MLA-NWI for paint after re-transfer ex F-WWDK
 Airbus A320 -214 3601  9H-MLD Avion Express Malta first in svc 30jun22 VNO-TIV-VNO ex OE-IRH
 Airbus A320 -214 3605  N279GX Global Crossing Airlines posn 30jun-01jul22 MIA-YQX-KEF-AMS, TUI titl & tail logo ex OE-IRW
 Airbus A320 -214 3696  VQ-BZH Goshawk ferried 02jul22 AUH-OSR ex B-6395
 Airbus A320 -232 4102  TC-FHK Freebird Airlines ferried 30jun22 SHA-PVG, B-reg prior delivery ex B-6618
 Airbus A320 -232 4216  PK-SJV Super Air Jet delivery 30jun-02jul22 GYR-HNL-MAJ.BIK-CGK, all white ex EI-GUH
 Airbus A320 -214 5552  VP-CKO Aviation Capital Group ferried 30jun22 MPL-SEN for paint into? ex VT-GOM
 Airbus A320 -214 6280  HK-5407 Avianca Colombia delivery 29jun22 MLB-MDE, VP-reg ex VP-CJB
 Airbus A320 -214 6282  OE-IOL SMBC Aviation Capital regd 01jul22, parked at KIX ex JA05VA
 Airbus A320 -214 6972  A6-AOY Air Arabia first in svc 02jul22** SHJ-DAO-SHJ ex OE-LAQ
 Airbus A320 -251N 7576  TF-PPD Play delivery 30jun22 CHR-KEF, VP-reg ex VP-BOF
 Airbus A320 -214 8748  A6-AQB Air Arabia first in svc 01jul22 SHJ-DAC-SHJ, Fly Jinnah ntu (+ 8942 A6-AOZ SHJ-HBE-SHJ) ex OE-LAR
 Airbus A320 -214 8798  A6- Air Arabia delivery 04jul22 OSR-SHJ, OE-reg, Fly Jinnah cs ex OE-LAS
 Airbus A320 -271N 10593  B-327W Juneyao Airlines delivers 01jul22 TSN-NKG ex B-007N
 Airbus A320 -251N 10833  N392FR Frontier Airlines delivery 01jul22 BFM-TPA “Kenai the Beluga Whale” ex F-WZMV

credit : Skyliner Aviation

Friday, 1 July 2022

Airbus Updates No.3732



Silk Way West orders Airbus A350F

Silk Way West Airlines has signed a purchase agreement with Airbus for an order for two A350Fs. The order marks the first Airbus-order ever for the carrier from Azerbaijan and, according to the airline's CEO "will be the first but surely not the last agreement with Airbus". Delivery of the two aircraft is slated for 2027 and 2028.

Today, Silk Way West is an all-Boeing operator with a fleet of seven B747-400Fs and five B747-8Fs. It also has five B777Fs on order at Boeing, which it ordered last year.

With this latest agreement, the total orders and commitments for the in 2021-launched A350F now stands at 31 from six customers.

Airbus Updates No.3731



IAG firms A320neo-options into orders

On 30 June 2022, the International Airline Group has issued a statement to the London Stock Exchange in which it announces it has decided to firm options on fourteen A320neo-family aircraft into orders for eleven A320neos and three A321neos. The aircraft have not been assigned to the specific airlines in the Group yet and will be used to replace older A320-family aircraft. Deliveries are scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

With this latest order, IAG now has 33 A320neos and 32 A321neos on order, which breaks down as:

British Airways: 3 A320neos and 3 A321neos
Iberia: 5 A320neos and 15 A321neos
Vueling: 8 A320neos and 9 A321neos

Airbus Updates No.3730


Airbus awarded new orders in China

Beijing, 1 July 2022 - Airbus confirms the signature of orders with Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, and Shenzhen Airlines for a total of 292 A320 Family aircraft, demonstrating the positive recovery momentum and prosperous outlook for the Chinese aviation market. Once the relevant criteria are met, these orders will enter the backlog.

“These new orders demonstrate the strong confidence in Airbus from our customers. It is also a solid endorsement from our airline customers in China of the performance, quality, fuel efficiency and sustainability of the world's leading family of single aisle aircraft.” said Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International. “We commend the excellent work by George Xu and the entire Airbus China team as well as our customers’ teams for having brought to conclusion these long and extensive discussions that have taken place throughout the difficult COVID pandemic.” 

By the end of May 2022, the in-service Airbus fleet with Chinese operators totalled over 2,070 aircraft.

The A320neo Family incorporates new generation engines and Sharklets, which together deliver at least 20 percent fuel and CO2 savings, as well as a 50 percent noise reduction. The A320neo Family offers unmatched comfort in all classes and Airbus’ 18-inch wide seats in economy as standard.

 At the end of May 2022 the A320neo Family had totalled more than 8,000 orders from over 130 customers. Since its Entry into Service six years ago, Airbus has delivered over 2,200 A320neo Family aircraft contributing to 15 million tons of CO2 saving.

Monday, 27 June 2022

Airbus Updates No.3729


Airbus A320 -214 5906  TC-FHP Freebird Airlines delivery 24jun22 ISL-AYT ex EI-GRZ
 Airbus A320 -214 6697  HK-5406 Avianca Colombia delivery 22jun22 MLB-MDE, VP-reg ex VP-CJO
 Airbus A320 -214 6962  A6-AUE? Air Arabia Abu Dhabi delivery 23jun22 OSR-SHJ, OE-reg ex OE-LAQ
 Airbus A320 -251N 10791  OE-ITD AerCap regd & ferried 23jun22 TLS-MPL for paint, Smartavia ntu, for Air Cairo ex F-WWDH
 Airbus A321 -231 1734  HL7713 Air Busan ferried 24-26jun22 ICN-UBN-TAS-IST-DGX on return to lessor ex D-AVXJ
 Airbus A321 -211 6515  OY-TCN Sunclass Airlines delivery 23jun22 LJU-CPH, VQ-reg all white ex VQ-BRY
 Airbus A321 -211 7833  N226WG Wings Capital Partners ferried 24jun22 KUN-OSL-ERF ex XA-ZEN
 Airbus A321 -253N 7847  A4O-OXC Salam Air for delivery 28jun22 PRG-MCT prior paint ex OE-IRG
 Airbus A321 -251NX 9210  F-WHUG Airbus ferried 24jun22 LJU-TLS prior delivery to? ex D-AVYY
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10844  SX-NAH Aegean Airlines delivery 23jun22 XFW-ATH ex D-AZAX
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10865  VT-IMQ IndiGo Airlines delivery 21jun22 XFW-DEL ex D-AVZD
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10874  VT-IMS IndiGo Airlines delivery 24jun22 XFW-DEL ex D-AVXA
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10894  HA-LGK Wizz Air delivery 24ju22 XFW-BUD ex D-AYAH
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10931  B-18108 China Airlines delivery 24-25jun22 XFW-DWC-BKK-TPE ex D-AVXD
 Airbus A330 -343 786  EC-NOG Wamos Air ferried / posn 119-20jun22 PMI-MAD-RBA after wet-lease to Jet2 / on Hajj-lease to Royal Air Maroc ex OE-IFR
 Airbus A330 -243 1261  PK-GPN Garuda Indonesia ferried 23jun22 CGK-CHR on return to lessor ex F-WWKF
 Airbus A330 -343 1600  EC-NTY Wamos Air posn / in svc 24-25jun22 MAD-AGA-JED-CMN, basic AirAsia X cs on Hajj-lease to Royal Air Maroc ex OE-IAF
 Airbus A330 -343 1674  2-MXBB BOC Aviation ferried 24jun22 CRK-SIN ex 9M-XXB
 Airbus A330 -343 1779  9H-HFA HiFly Malta posn 17jun22 LIS-LAD on wet-lease to TAAG Angola Airlines ex 2-HHLA

Airbus Updates No.3728


Airbus A310 -304(F) 484  10+25 Luftwaffe ferried 21jun22 CGN-YMX, for dismantling spare-parts ex D-AIDB
 Airbus A319 -112 1805  N1805A AerCap regd 21jun22, parked at ROW ex VP-BBT
 Airbus A320 -211 210  C5-SUA SU Airlines delivery 25jun222 ISL-FIH ex C-GQCA
 Airbus A320 -232 1422  LZ-MDK Fly2Sky posn 21jun22 on summer wet-lease to Agean Airlines (+ A321?211 1503 LZ-MDL) ex RP-C7932
 Airbus A320 -232 1663  ES-SAW smartLynx Estonia posn 24jun22 TLL-TNG on Hajjj-lease to Royal Air Maroc ex 2-ACSD
 Airbus A320 -214 1873  LZ-LAI European Air Charter seen regd at DGX 21jun22, all white prior delivery ex 2-ACSJ
 Airbus A320 -232 1998  LY-VEL Avion Express to posn 26jun22 KUN-AYT on wet-lease to Sun Express ex EI-EUB
 Airbus A320 -232 2139  OE-LAF Sapphire Leasing regd 23jun22, parked at HYD ex VT-IKA
 Airbus A320 -214 3601  LY- Avion Express OE-reg canx 23jun22 at VNO ex OE-IRH
 Airbus A320 -214 3631  ES-SAA smartLynx Estonia ferried / posn 21-22jun22 TLL-CRL-LGW on wet-lease to TUI group ex VP-CBM
 Airbus A320 -214 3644  ES-SAB smartLynx Estonia onward delivery 27jun22 CHR-TLL ex VP-CBQ
 Airbus A320 -232 3741  LY-MLN Avion Express posn 22jun22 HAM-AYT on wet-lease to Sun Express (+ 3877 LY-MLJ) ex OE-LIB
 Airbus A320 -214 3954  ES-SAX smartLynx Estonia posn 23jun22 RIX-NDR on wet-lease zo Royal Air Maroc ex VQ-BCN
 Airbus A320 -214 3984  TC-FHI Freebird Airlines delivery 23jun22 ISL-AYT ex F-WTAP
 Airbus A320 -232 4113  EC-NOZ Aura Airlines posn 19jun22 MAD-NDR on wet-lease to Air Arabia Maroc ex EI-GUJ
 Airbus A320 -214 4405  5A-LAH Libyan Airlines re-delivery 19jun22 TUN-MJI after repairs from clash damages at TIP 14jul14 ex F-WWBX
 Airbus A320 -232 4621  9H-MLU Avion Express delivery 25jun22 LDE-VNO ex OE-ITS
 Airbus A320 -232 4961  OE-LAO BOC Aviation ferried 27jun22 LFBF-NAP ex PK-GLJ
 Airbus A320 -214 5069  HB-JLS Edelweiss Air ferried 21/24jun22 NWI-MLA-ZRH after paint ex F-WWDC
 Airbus A320 -232 5362  PK-BKM Batik Air at SNN 23jun22, OE-reg after paint prior delivery ex OE-IDH

credit: Skyliner Aviation

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Airbus Updates No.3727


Airbus A321XLR makes its first flight

On 15 June 2022, the latest version of the successful Airbus A320neo family, the A321-200NY, made its first flight. The Airbus A321-200NY is the long-range version of the A321-200neo and perhaps better known under its marketing name A321XLR.

The first prototype (msn 11000) took off from Hamburg-Finkenwerder at 11:05 hrs LT, and returned after a flight of 4 hours and 35 minutes. During this maiden flight, the aircraft’s flight controls and its CFM International Leap 1A engines were tested, as well as its flight envelope protections at high and low speeds.

Final assembly of two additional A321XLR test aircraft has already been completed. The second aircraft (msn 11058), powered by a Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engine, is now undergoing test equipment installation. The third aircraft (msn 11080), powered by Leap-1As, has likewise left the final assembly line and is being completed with a full cabin interior and test equipment.

The A321XLR will serve routes of up to 8,700km, 15% more than that of the A321-200NX (a version marketed as A321LR) which is equipped with additional fuel tanks and 97 tonnes maximum take-off weight (MTOW). To achieve this range, the changes on the A321XLR - compared to other version of the A321neo - include a new 12,900 litre permanent Rear Centre Tank (RCT) for more fuel, a modified and strengthened landing gear, a higher MTOW of 101 tonnes and an optimised single slotted wing-trailing-edge inboard flap configuration to preserve the same take-off performance and engine thrust requirements of other A321neo versions. The necessary structural enhancements for the higher MTOW of the A321XLR required a new aircraft type certificate and therefore it is officially designated as the A321-200NY.

At the moment of the first flight, Airbus has orders for 460 A321-200XLRs. The biggest customers are American Airlines and United Airlines, each with fifty A321-200XLRs on order.

Photo by Airbus

Airbus Updates No.3726

Air India close to A350-order

Bloomberg is reporting that Air India is closing in on a potential A350-order and has started internal polling with its pilots to gauge interest for conversion training and when. According to Bloomberg, an order could be for at least 20 aircraft, while various Indian newspapers are reporting that the order could be for as much as up to 50 A350s. The internal documents seen, shows that the airline wants to introduce the first A350s in 2023.

Next to a widebody-order, Air India is also in discussions with Airbus and Boeing for a narrowbody order to renew it's fleet, which could be for up to 100 A320neo-family or B737MAX-family aircraft.

The fleet-renewal plan is part of the revival of Air India, led by the new owner Tata Group. The Group plans to bring Air India back to profitability in the next few years. With the acquisition of Air India, Tata Group owns four different airlines in India, which also include Air India Express, AirAsia India and Vistara. It's expected that Tata Group will consolidate these airlines in the coming years, starting with merging Air India Express and AirAsia India.

Today, Air India's fleet consists of eighteen A319s, nine A320s, 27 A320neos, fourteen A321s, three B777-200LRs, thirteen B777-300ERs and 27 B787-8s.

Airbus Updates No.3725

A380 to return at Lufthansa?

German aviation news site is reporting that Lufthansa is considering reactivating the A380 to cope with a higher than anticipated demand for flights. According to the site, the airline is thinking of reactivating either eight A380s (six in service, two as back-up) or four (three in service, one as back-up). A final decision has not been taken.

However, Lufthansa might decide on a whole different approach to cope with the increased demand as Boeing has approached the airline if they would be interested in taking on four to six white-tailed B777-300ERs. A white-tail is an aircraft produced for a customer but of which the deal fell through.

Today, Lufthansa is not operating any passenger B777s and its fourteen A380s are stored at Tarbes-Lourdes and Teruel.

Airbus Updates No.3724


Turkish Airlines plans name change and A220-order

As Turkey officially changed its name into Türkiye with the United Nations, its national airline is set to follow soon according to the country's President. During a TV-interview he said Turkish Airlines will be rebranded into Türkiye Hava Yollari and the name Turkish Airlines will not be used anymore. When the rebranding is due to begin is unknown.

In other news, Turkish Airlines has selected the Airbus A220 for its regional-fleet needs and will now enter final negotiations with Airbus for a potential order for up to 30 A220-300s. According to Turkish aviation website, the competition was between the Airbus A220-300 and the Embraer E195-E2.

The fleet today consists of six Airbus A319s, eleven A320s, 66 A321s, 33 A321neos, 23 A330-200s, 37 A330-300s, six A350-900s, 40 Boeing B737-800s, fifteen B737-900ERs, 20 B737-8s, five B737-9s, eight B777Fs, 33 B777-300ERs and fifteen B787-9s.

Airbus Updates No.3723


EasyJet Firms Order For 56 Airbus A320neo And Upsizes 18 To A321neo

British low-cost airline easyJet has today firmed an order for 56 additional A320neo aircraft as part of its fleet renewal activities. The airline secured options on these aircraft back in 2013, but has moved to firm the order to secure its delivery slots between 2026 and 2029. The airline noted,

“Given constraints on Airbus delivery slots, should the Proposed Purchase not proceed, easyJet would not have a secure supply of aircraft between FY 2026 and FY 2029 and would therefore need to either decrease its fleet size or source alternative new generation aircraft with higher ownership costs.”

It further said that, should it not secure the delivery slots from 2026 onwards, it would be forced to employ older technology aircraft from the secondary market. This, it said, would expose it to higher fuel costs and carbon taxes, giving it a competitive disadvantage.

The order is worth some $6.5 billion at list price. However, easyJet has noted that it has secured a significant reduction on this price as part of its original 2013 deal.

As well as the 56 A320neo, easyJet also upsized an order for 18 jets to the larger A321neo variant. The airline presently flies a total fleet of 327 Airbus jets, 58 of which are the neo variants. Just 15 of these are the largest A321neo version.

With these new planes secured, easyJet will be seeking to phase out its older technology aircraft. In particular, this represents a significant increase in passenger-carrying capacity, given that 93 of its present planes are the smallest 156-seat A319.

Shareholder approval pending

As with any major purchase, easyJet’s shareholders will have the final say on this order going ahead. The airline has engineered its announcement to put the shareholders’ minds at rest, noting that it intends to finance this purchase through internal resources, cash flow, sale and leaseback transactions and debt. It says,

“While the board will regularly review optimal sources of financing, there is currently no expectation that shareholders will be asked to fund any aspect of the proposed purchase.”

It seems easyJet is anticipating some pushback from its investors, and it could be right. Less than a year has passed since the airline secured a £1.2 billion ($1.5 billion) rights issue to pay down pandemic-related debt and make investments for the future. During the crisis, the airline raised some £5.5 billion ($6.7 billion), £420 million of which was from its shareholders.

The announcement of today’s deal could open old wounds for the airline. Back in the early days of the pandemic, easyJet founder and major shareholder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou demanded the order with Airbus be either deferred or renegotiated to avoid future problems at the airline. Later, he attempted to oust several directors at the airline, a move that ultimately failed.

Alongside the potential for Sir Stelios to reignite his fury over the Airbus order is the rather unfortunate lens from which the public is viewing the airline right now. easyJet has canceled around 40 flights per day for the summer in a bid to more effectively manage the surging travel demand seen in Europe right now, but that comes too late for many hundreds of passengers who were affected by the capacity meltdown over the recent late-May public holiday.

Airbus Updates No.3722


Airbus A320 -233 6733  OY-RUY Danish Air Transport delivery 20jun22 SOF-BLL, VP-reg ex VP-CGZ
 Airbus A320 -214 8748  AP- Fly Jinnah delivery 15jun22 OSR-SHJ OE-reg canx 17jun22 ex OE-LAR
 Airbus A320 -251N 10851  HZ-NS49 Flynas delivery 17jun22 TLS-RUH ex F-WWDQ
 Airbus A320 -251N 10869  EC-NTQ Iberia delivery 21jun22 TLS-MAD ex F-WWBH
 Airbus A320 -271N 10899  N957NK Spirit Airlines delivery 18jun22 BFM-DTW ex F-WZMR
 Airbus A320 -251N 11001  HZ-FAX Flyadeal delivery 21jun22 TLS-JED ex F-WWIA
 Airbus A321 -231 1734  HL7713 Air Busan ferried 22jun22 TAS-UBN after tech? issues ex D-AVXJ
 Airbus A321 -231 7191  XA-VBU VivaAeroBus delivery 15/19-20jun22 OSR-CHR-TER-YHZ-MTY, OE-reg ex OE-IFA
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10695  VT-IMN IndiGo Airlines delivery 17jun22 XFW-DEL ex D-AZXP
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10796  B-328X Zhejiang Loong Airlines delivery 17-18jun22 XFW-TAS-HGH ex D-AZXK
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10865  VT-IMQ IndiGo Airlines delivery 21jun22 XFW-DEL ex D-AVZD
 Airbus A321 -251NX 10867  B-329R Zhejiang Loong Airlines delivery 20-21jun22 XFW-TAS-HGH ex D-AVXJ
 Airbus A321 -271NX 10892  D-AIEO Lufthansa delivery 17jun22 XFW-BER ex D-AVYH
 Airbus A330 -202 441  EI-GEY Aer Lingus ferried 22jun22 CQM-FNI after storage ex A7-ACH
 Airbus A330 -343 1600  EC-NTY Wamos Air at MAD 21jun22 with titl, basic AirAsia X cs prior Hajj-ops for Royal Air Maroc ex OE-IAF
 Airbus A330 -343 1779  9H-HFA HiFly Malta posn 17jun22 LIS-LAD on wet-lease to TAAG Angola Airlines ex 2-HHLA
 Airbus Canada A220 -300 55153  N311DU Delta Air Lines delivery 16jun22 BFM-MSP ex C-GPQZ

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