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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Airbus Updates No.310

A320 Family Sharklet wingtip device is spotted at the Paris Air Show

While rain showers may have turned certain areas of the Paris Air Show into the equivalent of shallow lakes, visitors weren’t imaging things when they reported sightings of a Sharklet in the static display area.
The full-scale Sharklet large wingtip device is being shown in a “trompe œil” style, extending from the depiction of an A320 Family aircraft painted on the side of Airbus’ hospitality venue.
Offered as optional equipment on new production A320 Family jetliners – and included on all A320neo aircraft – the Sharklets will provide aerodynamic improvements that result in multiple benefits for operators, including reduced fuel burn and lower emissions, better take-off performance and rate-of-climb, higher optimum altitude capabilities, reduced engine maintenance costs and higher residual aircraft value. 
As the Sharklets increase in popularity with customers ordering new-built aircraft, Airbus announced at the Paris Air Show today that it is investigating a retrofit option for such large winglets on earlier production A320s – potentially bringing their improvements to A320 Family aircraft currently in service. 

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