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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Airbus Updates No.289

Incident: Wizzair A320 near Budapest on Jun 11th 2011, suspected bird strike

By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Jun 12th 2011 17:24Z, last updated Sunday, Jun 12th 2011 17:24Z
A Wizzair Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LPB performing flight W6-4106 from Memmingen (Germany) to Belgrade (Serbia), was enroute at FL350 over Graz (Austria) when the crew decided to divert to Budapest (Hungary). The aircraft landed safely on Budapest's runway 31L about 30 minutes later.

The aircraft continued the flight after about 70 minutes on the ground and reached Belgrade with a delay of 75 minutes.

A passenger on board reported that the captain just announced they were diverting to Budapest without any further explanation. Nothing abnormal occurred in the cabin, no emergency vehicles attended the aircraft in Budapest. After the aircraft arrived at the stand the captain walked around the aircraft with a number of technicians, then the aircraft was refuelled and departed again. The passenger was later told that the crew suspected a bird strike.

Incident: Spanair A320 near Madrid on Jun 13th 2011, medical emergency

By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Jun 13th 2011 20:44Z, last updated Monday, Jun 13th 2011 20:44Z
A Spanair Airbus A320-200, registration EC-JNC performing flight JK-5043 from Las Palmas,CI to Madrid,SP (Spain), was on approach to Madrid when a woman (50) travelling to Madrid to be treated for some serious illness became unresponsive. The airplane continued for a safe landing on Madrid's Barajas Airport, the passenger however had to be pronounced dead.

The airplane returned to service about 8 hours after landing.

Incident: Vueling A320 at Sevilla on Apr 20th 2011, nose wheels tilted 90 degrees on landing

By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Apr 20th 2011 21:00Z, last updated Tuesday, Jun 14th 2011 10:56Z
A Vueling Airbus A320-200, registration EC-GRH performing flight VY-2220 from Barcelona,SP to Sevilla,SP (Spain) with 158 passengers and 7 crew, aborted the approach to Sevilla's runway 27 due to fault indications regarding the nose wheel steering and performed a low approach instead showing the nose gear was in its down and locked position, the nose wheel however appeared rotated by about 20 degrees. The airplane entered a holding to troubleshoot the issue and subsequently landed on runway 27 with the nose wheels rotated by 90 degrees at 20:52L (18:52Z) about 25 minutes after the first approach. The airplane came to a safe stop, no injuries occurred, the airplane received grinding damage to the nose wheels.

The runway and airport was closed for 2.5 hours as a result until the aircraft was moved off the runway.

Spain's CIAIAC reported on Jun 14th that the crew received ECAM messages "NW STEER FAULT" and "L/G SHOCK ABSORBER FAULT", the wheels were rotated by 90 degrees to the right upon landing. The #2 nose wheel fractured during the landing roll.

Incident: Jetstar A321 at Darwin on Jun 12th 2011, takeoff from intersection instead full length

By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Jun 15th 2011 15:41Z, last updated Wednesday, Jun 15th 2011 15:47Z
The crew of a Jetstar Airbus A321-200, registration VH-VWX performing flight JQ-83 from Darwin,NT (Australia) to Denpasar Bali (Indonesia), was planning for a departure from Darwin's runway 11 using the full length of the runway. When the aircraft taxied along taxiway B2 the aircraft lined up on runway 11 (about 1120 meters/3670 feet down the runway) and departed reaching Denpasar safely.

Incident: Germanwings A319 near Bern on Jun 10th 2011, loss of separation
By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Jun 15th 2011 21:57Z, last updated Wednesday, Jun 15th 2011 21:58Z
A Germanwings Airbus A319-100, registration D-AKNK performing flight 4U-2529 from Barcelona,SP (Spain) to Stuttgart (Germany), was in contact with Zurich (Switzerland) Center descending from FL340 through about FL260 about 6nm northwest of Bern Airport (Switzerland), when the crew reacted to a TCAS resolution advisory and climbed to FL272. The aircraft was subsequently cleared to descend to FL260 and continued for a safe landing in Stuttgart about 27 minutes later.

The air traffic controller at Zurich Center subsequently claimed the Germanwings A319 had been cleared down to FL280, whereas both crew claimed they had been cleared to FL250.

The Swiss BFU reported the conflicting traffic was a Hahn Air Raytheon 390, registration D-IAGG performing flight HHN-201 from Zurich to Palma Mallorca,SP (Spain), climbing through FL258. The two aircraft had a "close encounter" at FL258 on opposite tracks. An investigation has been initiated.

Incident: Jet Airways A332 near Brussels on Jun 16th 2011, unruly passenger
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jun 16th 2011 16:25Z, last updated Thursday, Jun 16th 2011 16:28Z
A Jet Airways Airbus A330-200, registration VT-JWE performing flight 9W-229 from Brussels (Belgium) to Delhi (India), was climbing out of Brussels when the crew decided to return to Brussels due to a very violent passenger. The aircraft levelled off at FL200 and returned to Brussels for a safe landing on runway 25L about 30 minutes later. The unruly passenger was taken into custody by police.

The aircraft departed again after about one hour on the ground and is estimated to reach Delhi with a delay of 50 minutes.

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