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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.672

Atlantic Airways takes delivery of its new Airbus A319

Aircraft to boost travel to and from Faroe Islands
Atlantic Airways, the national carrier of the Faroe Islands has taken delivery of its Airbus A319 as part of its plan to increase its capacity, becoming Airbus’ newest operator, equipped with CFM engines.

The aircraft is configured in a single economy class layout with 144 seats. All passengers will benefit from state-of-art mood lighting and drop-down screens throughout the cabin. It will be deployed on route from Faroe Islands to Copenhagen, Denmark.

The aircraft will operate at Vágar Airport, which is known for having poor visibility due to extreme weather conditions. To ease approach procedures into Vágar Airport, Atlantic Airways has chosen Quovadis for flight operations consultancy services to design the first European Required Navigation Performance - Authorisation Required (RNP-AR) procedures. RNP-AR represents the most modern navigation technique, allowing the aircraft to fly precisely along a predefined route using on-board navigation systems and the GPS-based ‘Global Navigation Satellite System’ (GNSS).

Magni Arge, Chief Executive of Atlantic Airways, said: “We selected the A319 as our future platform having evaluated various alternatives. To provide us with optimal performance and range we have chosen the most powerful CFM engines for the aircraft. This one aircraft contract, even if small in size will have a significant input on our islands’ tourism and trade. We are proud to present Atlantic Airways` brand-new Airbus A319 on the occasion of its 24th birthday”.

"We are pleased to welcome Atlantic Airways as a new Airbus operator," said John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer, Customers, Airbus. “We congratulate Atlantic Airways on this first Airbus aircraft delivery and we are confident the airline will benefit from the proven reliability, outstanding and unbeatable low operating costs the industry’s best-selling single aisle product line offers."

The A320 Family, which includes the A318, A319, A320 and A321, is recognised as the benchmark single-aisle aircraft family. More than 8,300 Airbus A320 Family aircraft have been sold to more than 350 customers and operators worldwide, making it the world’s best selling commercial jetliner ever. With proven reliability and extended servicing periods, the A320 Family has the lowest operating costs of any single aisle aircraft. Uniquely, the A320 Family offers a containerized cargo system, which is compatible with the worldwide standard wide-body system.

Airbus Updates No.671

Airbus wins 1st corporate jet sale in Japan

ACJ319 has widest and tallest cabin of any corporate jet

30 March 2012Press Release
Airbus has won its first corporate jet sale in Japan, adding a new customer and building on its widespread and growing presence in the important Asia-Pacific market.

The aircraft, an Airbus ACJ319, has the widest and tallest cabin of any corporate jet, while being similar in size externally to traditional business jets. It thus delivers unequalled comfort, space and freedom of movement, as well as the ability to carry more passengers.

“Our first Airbus corporate jet sale in Japan builds on the growing presence of our modern airliner family, as well as encouraging greater use of business jets to help grow what is, today, the world’s third-largest economy,” says Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy. “Cabin comfort and space are key in our business, and Airbus corporate jets offer more of these than any other business jet,” he adds.

Corporate jets are widespread in many of the world’s economies, but are still proportionately few in some of the largest, such as Japan, where the opening of the first dedicated business terminal in Tokyo, Premier Gate Narita, will help to pave the way for more of them.

They are primarily used as business tools, helping company executives, billionaires and government leaders to accomplish more with their time, and to be more productive while travelling.

Airbus corporate jets already have a strong presence in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and are widely used by companies, high net-worth individuals, and governments.

Like the modern airliner family from which they are derived, Airbus corporate jets make extensive use of innovation and modern technology to deliver worthwhile benefits, plus the robust reliability that their heritage brings, as well as worldwide support.

Airbus corporate jets are derived from the world’s most modern aircraft family, and offer the broadest range of sizes and ranges of any bizjet manufacturer, including VIP widebodies.

They have won some 170 orders since Airbus delivered its first corporate jet in the mid-Eighties, and are the only bizjets flying on every continent, including Antarctica.

Airbus Updates No.670

 Airbus A320 -232 5094 VT-IET IndiGo Airlines delivery 30-31mar12 XFW-FJR-DEL ex D-AUBM
Airbus A320 -214 5101 PR-MYQ TAM delivery 30-31mar12 XFW-SID-GRU ex D-AUBO
Airbus A321 -231 5074 A9C-CB Gulf Air delivery 29mar12 XFW-TLS ex D-AVZN
Airbus A330 -223 255 JY-JAJ Jordan Aviation regd & delivery 27mar12 QPG-AMM, all white ex VN-A369
Airbus A330 -243MRTT 1080 MRTT0013 Airbus Military ferried 30mar12 OMAM-LEGT after refueling-tests prior delivery to UAE Air Force ex EC-339
Airbus A330 -343 1296 G-VRAY Virgin Atlantic delivery 30mar12 TLS-LHR ex F-WWKF
Airbus A330 -223 1297 B-6542 China Southern delivery 30mar12 TLS-CAN ex F-WWYZ
Airbus A340 -313 216 TC-JIJ Turkish Airlines ferried 27mar12 IST-LDE, all wh, for storage ex 6Y-JMM

Airbus Updates No.669

Airbus A300  -622RF  677     TC-ACM  ACT Airlines  at SHA 31mar12 in myCargo HNA colours prior delivery   ex B-MBJ
 Airbus A319  -112  3202     D-ASTX  Germania  ferried 30mar12 TXL-CHR for paint  ex HB-IOY
 Airbus A319  -133  4995     B-6421  West Air  delivery 28mar12** XFW-OVB  ex D-AVYF
 Airbus A319  -112  5097     CC-BCF  LAN Airlines  delivery 31mar-01apr12 XFW-LPA-REC-SCL   ex D-AVYQ
 Airbus A320  -231  376     SX-BTP  Skywings Airlines   ferried 29mar12 RKT-ATH after interim storage  ex N376BV
 Airbus A320  -212  436     LX-STB  Strategic Airlines   ferried 29mar12 CHR-MAN after interim storage  ex F-GSTR
 Airbus A320  -214  1605     G-OOPT  Thomson Airways  ferried 28mar12 MAN-EGBP after paint into all white for storage  ex C-GTDH
 Airbus A320  -232  1749     EC-LQL  Vueling  for delivery 30mar12 DUB-BCN   ex EC-EUF
 Airbus A320  -214  1797     OO-SNC  Brussels Airlines  delivery 28mar12 IST-BRU, D-reg   ex D-ALTH
 Airbus A320  -214  2142     SP-IAD  Yes Airways  OLT Express cs, ferried 29mar12 BUD-MLA after paint, 9H-reg prior delivery  ex 9H-AEF
 Airbus A320  -214  2157     EI-ERH  Livingston  delivery 29/30mar12 SNN-TRN-MXP, in svc 31mar12 MXP-RMF-PSR   ex G-TTOJ
 Airbus A320  -232  2168     EC-LQN  Vueling  delivery 29mar12 DUB-BCN  ex EI-EUM
Airbus A320  -214  4803     B-6873  China Eastern  delivery 28mar12 ex TJN  ex B-501L
 Airbus A320  -232  5053     B-6875  China Eastern  delivery 28mar12 TLS-SVX-PVG  ex F-WWBO
 Airbus A320  -232  5062     N509VL  Volaris  delivery 30-31mar12 XFW-KEF-BGR-TLC   ex D-AUBC
 Airbus A320  -214  5063     B-6892  China Eastern  delivery 30mar12 TLS-SVX-PVG  ex F-WWBT
 Airbus A320  -232  5075     HA-LWN  Wizz Air  delivery 29mar12 TLS-BUD  ex F-WWIB
Airbus A320  -232  5090     VT-IES  IndiGo Airlines  delivery 29-30mar12 XFW-FJR-DEL   ex F-WWDN
 Airbus A320  -232  5092     VT-IEU  IndiGo Airlines  delivery 28-29mar12 XFW-FJR-DEL   ex D-AUBL
 Airbus A320  -232  5093     A6-EIP  Etihad Airways  delivery 29mar12 XFW-AUH  ex D-AUBN

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.668

Airbus A310  -304  494     CS-TQV  White  feried 25mar12 GIG-LPAR, PR-reg prior return to svc   ex PR-WTA
 Airbus A319  -112  1630     VP-BBU  Donavia  at YMX 23mar12 in full cs prior delivery  ex C-FBLJ
Airbus A319  -112  3865     D-ABGS  Air Berlin  ferried 27mar12 TSS-DUS after two months tests with Airbus   ex D-AVWD
 Airbus A320  -214  4478     F-HDGK  Air Corsica  ferried 27mar12 DUB-MUC, D-reg after paint prior delivery  ex D-ABFM
Airbus A320  -214  5047     B-6891  China Eastern  delivery 26mar12 XFW-SVX-PVG  ex F-WWDQ
Airbus A320  -232  5076     VT-IER  IndiGo Airlines  delivery 26-27mar12 TLS-FJR-DEL  ex F-WWBY
 Airbus A320  -214  5081     RP-C8616  Philippine Airlines  delivery 27-28mar12 XFW-DXB-MNL   ex D-AUBJ
 Airbus A330  -243  254     G-MLJL  Thomas Cook Airlines  ferried 25mar12 HEL-MAN after winter-lease to Thomas Cook Scandinavia  ex F-WWKT

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Airbus Updates no.667

Airbus A319  -111  2442     CC-AFY  Sky Airline  mx flt at SEN 23mar12, all wh, G-reg prior delivery  ex G-EZID
Airbus A320  -232  1749     EC-LQL  Vueling  for delivery 30mar12 DUB-BCN   ex EC-EUF
Airbus A320  -232  1979     EC-LQJ  Vueling  delivery 22mar12 DUB-BCN, EI-reg  ex EI-EUK
 Airbus A320  -232  2168     EC-LQN  Vueling  for delivery 27mar12 DUB-BCN  ex EI-EUM
 Airbus A320  -232  2223     EC-LQM  Vueling  for delivery 30mar12 DUB-BCN   ex EI-EUN
 Airbus A320  -214  2278     VP-BBQ  Ural Airlines  delivery 19mar12 BEY-SVX   ex A6-ABC
Airbus A320  -232  2502     OE-IBH**  AerCap  ferried 23mar12 DUB-WOE, Kingfisher cs   ex VT-KFD
 Airbus A320  -232  2589     EC-LQK  Vueling  delivery 23mar12 DUB-BCN, EI-reg  ex EI-EUP
Airbus A320  -214  3246     SU-AAC  Air Arabia Egypt  ferried 18mar12 SHJ-HBE on transfer  ex A6-ABM
Airbus A320  -214  5067     RP-C3238  Cebu Pacific  delivery 23mar12 TLS-AAN-MNL  ex F-WWBX
Airbus A320  -214  5069     HB-JLS  Swiss International  delivery 23mar12 TLS-ZRH  ex F-WWDC
Airbus A340  -313  302     EC-HDQ  Iberia  to be ferried 23mar12 MAD-BOD after storage on return to lessor   ex F-WWJU

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.666

Airbus A319  -111  3377     EI-EPS  Aer Lingus  positioned 21mar12 SNN-BFS  ex EC-KME
 Airbus A319  -115  5079     OY-RCG  Atlantic Airways  delivery 22mar12 XFW-FAE  ex D-AVYN
 Airbus A319  -112  5085     D-ASTC  Germania  delivery 22mar12 XFW-TXL  ex D-AVYO
Airbus A320  -231  368     ER-  Air Moldova  N-reg canx 20mar12 prior delivery ex SAW  ex N368MX
Airbus A320  -214  5046     G-EZUN  easyJet  delivery 22mar12 XFW-LGW  ex D-AXAN
Airbus A340  -313  210     5R-  Air Madagascar  ferried 14mar12 CDG-ORY, F-reg for paint prior delivery in mid apr12   ex F-GLZL
 Airbus A340  -313  302     EC-HDQ  Iberia  ferried 22mar12 MAD-BOD after storage on return to lessor   ex F-WWJU

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.665

Airbus A320  -214  5058     N854VA  Virgin America  delivery 21mar12 TLS-KEF-BGR-MIA   ex F-WWBG
Airbus A321  -231  5077     TC-JRV  Turkish Airlines  delivery 21mar12 XFW-IST  ex D-AVZO
 Airbus A321  -231  5083     TC-JRY  Turkish Airlines  delivery 21mar12 XFW-IST  ex D-AZAT
Airbus A321  -232  3034     VT-KFS  Kingfisher Airlines  ferried 20-12mar12 DEL-AMM-DUB on return to AerCap   ex D-AVZZ

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.664

Airbus Sees Years Of Dealing With A380 Cracks

Airbus will need years to get past problems with wing cracks on its flagship A380 passenger jet, an executive vice president at Airbus told a German magazine.
"This problem will keep us busy for years," weekly Der Spiegel quoted Tom Williams as saying in an article published on Sunday.
European air safety regulators last month ordered checks for A380 wing cracks for the entire superjumbo fleet after safety engineers found cracks in almost all planes inspected.
Airbus has said a combination of design and manufacturing slips put too much stress on a handful of the 2,000 brackets that fix the exterior of each wing to the ribcage beneath.
The magazine said Williams aimed to present a solution for the problem in April, and Airbus will start installing new parts in planes by the end of the year.

Airbus Updates No.663


Qatar Airways threw its weight behind Airbus's latest project by expressing interest in converting up to 20 of its A330 passenger jets into freighters, while pressing the European plane maker to improve its plans for the A350.
Chief executive Akbar Al Baker, who had threatened to buy converted Boeing aircraft because of a gap in Airbus's cargo strategy, welcomed the plane maker's decision to launch an A330 "passenger-to-freight" option at last month's Singapore Air Show and said the two sides were in talks about a potential order.
He expressed confidence that Airbus and Boeing would iron out recent high-profile difficulties with aircraft production but said he remained unhappy with the performance, weight and capacity of Airbus's planned 370-seat carbon-fibre A350-1000.
Qatar Airways is the largest customer of the A350.

Airbus Updates No.662

Airbus A300 [N821SC]

Airbus Updates No.661

Airbus A330-200 [D-ABXA]

Airbus Updates No.660

Airbus A320  -231  357     N567BB  BBAM / Fly Leasing  ferried 20mar12 DHN-GYR for onward storage  ex XA-UCZ
 Airbus A320  -212  420     LX-STC  Strategic Airlines  ferried 20mar12 EGBP-MAN after interim storage  ex F-GSTS
Airbus A320  -232  1749     EI-EUF  ILFC  painted all wh at DUB from 18mar12  ex EC-IEJ
 Airbus A320  -232  1979     EC-  Vueling  in full at DUB 17mar12 after paint, EI-reg  ex EI-EUK
 Airbus A320  -211  2061     JA203A  ANA - All Nippon  ferried 19-20mar12 HND-ANC-VCV, all grey for storage   ex F-WWDC
Airbus A320  -232  2589     EC-  Vueling  in full at DUB 18mar12 after paint, EI-reg  ex EI-EUP
 Airbus A320  -214  4463     F-H  CCM Air Corsica  for delivery mid apr11 ex MUC after paint at DUB   ex D-ABFL
 Airbus A320  -214  4478     F-H  CCM Air Corsica  last AB svc 04mar12, for delivery early apr11 ex MUC after paint at DUB   ex D-ABFM
 Airbus A320  -214  5031     VQ-BRD  S7 Airlines  delivery 19mar12 TLS-DME  ex F-WWBE
 Airbus A320  -232  5055     B-22316  Transasia Airways  delivery 17mar12 TLS-AUH  ex F-WWBS
 Airbus A320  -233  5068     N685TA  TACA  delivery 20mar12 XFW-KEF-YYZ-SJO   ex D-AUBF
Airbus A330  -223  249     OO-SFZ  Brussels Airlines  delivery 19mar12 ZRH-BRU  ex HB-IQC
Airbus A330  -223  288     D-ABXA  Air Berlin  in svc 17mar12 LRM-MUC, OneWorld decals applied, to be ferried 20mar12 MUC-SXF for presentation  ex HB-IQH
 Airbus A330  -223  891     VT-VJL  Kingfisher Airlines  ferried by lessor 20mar12 BOM-BOD  ex F-WWYO
 Airbus A330  -223  927     VT-VJN  Kingfisher Airlines  ferried by lessor 20mar12 LHR-BOD  ex F-WKE
 Airbus A330  -303  1294     PH-AKB  KLM  delivery 20mar12 TLS-AMS “Piazza Navona – Roma”   ex F-WWKK
 Airbus A330  -343  1298     TC-JNO  Turkish Airlines  delivery 16mar12 TLS-IST  ex F-WWKG

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.659

Airbus A300  -622RF  677     TC-  ACT Airlines  at SHA 16mar12 in myCargo HNA colours, B-reg prior delivery   ex B-MBJ
 Airbus A310  -304  495     CS-TEI  HiFly  ferried 09mar12 AMM-BRU after paint into all white   ex F-WWCO
 Airbus A320  -214  1306     HK-4818  VivaColombia  delivery 16mar12 VCV-PTY, N-reg  ex N136AG
Airbus A320  -232  2496     VT-KFC  Kingfisher Airlines  ferried 16mar12 AMM-DUB on return to AerCap  ex F-WWIF
Airbus A320  -214  5045     RP-C3237  Cebu Pacific  delivery 15-16mar12 TLS-AAN-BKK-MNL   ex F-WWDZ
 Airbus A320  -232  5055     B-22316  Transasia Airways  delivery 17mar12 TLS-AUH  ex F-WWBS
Airbus A321  -211  1233     VQ-BOD  Nordwind Airlines  delivery 16mar12 SEN-SVO  ex M-ABEE
 Airbus A321  -231  1276     EI-EUT  ILFC  Spanair cs, seen regd at DUB 14mar12  ex EC-HPM
 Airbus A321  -231  5025     A9C-CA  Gulf Air  delivery 16mar12 XFW-TLS  ex D-AZAL
Airbus A330  -343  1298     TC-JNO  Turkish Airlines  delivery 16mar12 TLS-IST  ex F-WWKG
 Airbus A330  -243  526      EC-  Air Europa  ferried 16mar12 LCA-CHR, 5B-reg after storage prior delivery   ex 5B-DBT
 Airbus A340  -313  2     EP-APA  Iran Aseman Airlines  in svc 16/17mar12 IKA-IST-IKA  ex M-YRGU
 Airbus A340  -642  575     G-VEIL  Virgin Atlantic  ferried 15mar12 MAN-LHR after paint into new cs, 1st A340-600   ex F-WWCK

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.658

Airbus A300  B4-203F  211     N821SC  Transcarga  positioned 12mar12 SFB-MIA after storage, ops by SkyLease Aero   ex N862PA
Airbus A319  -111  2360     G-EZEZ  easyJet  ferried 14mar12 SEN-LGW after paint with revised titl prior receiving special cs  ex D-AVWP
 Airbus A319  -112  3853     TS-IEF  Syphax Airlines  delivery 14mar12 PRG-SFA  ex D-AHIN
Airbus A320  -214  1564     N260AV  GECAS  ferried 14mar12 RME-SJO, USA 3000 cs  ex D-AXLC
Airbus A320  -214  2142     9H-AEF  Air Malta  ferried 06-07/12mar12 SCL-REC-SID-MLA-BUD after lease to Sky Airline/ prior 3 years wet-lease to Yes Airways / OLT Express   ex F-WWBZ
Airbus A320  -232  5060     N796JB  jetBlue  delivery 15mar12 TLS-YYR-MCO  ex F-WWBQ
Airbus A320  -214  5067     RP-C3237  Cebu Pacific  delivery 15mar12 TLS-AAN-MNL, RP-C3238 nu  ex F-WWBX
 Airbus A320  -214  5070     B-6901  Juneyao Airlines  delivery 14mar12 XFW-OVB-PVG  ex D-AUBG
 Airbus A321  -112  494     EI-IXI  Alitalia  ferried 12mar12 FCO-OSR for paint into new cs   ex I-BIXI
 Airbus A321  -231  787     EI-ETK  Kolavia  delivery 12mar12 IST-DME  ex TC-OAI
 Airbus A321  -231  1276     EI-EUT  ILFC  Spanair cs, seen regd at DUB 14mar12  ex EC-HPM
 Airbus A321  -211  5065     HZ-ASQ  Saudi Arabian  delivery 14mar12 XFW-JED  ex D-AVZM
Airbus A330  -223  927     VT-VJN  Kingfisher Airlines  last svc 13mar12 DEL-LHR, since impounded  ex F-WWKE

Monday, 12 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.657

Airbus A300  B4-203F  211     N821SC  SkyLease Cargo  no titl, ferried 12mar12 MIA-SFB for part-out & scrap   e N862PA
 Airbus A310  -304F  538     VT-EQS  Air India Cargo  ferried 09mar12 BOM-SAW after storage  ex F-WWCP
Airbus A320  -211  205     TS-IMD  Tunis Air  landed off runway 10mar12 ORY-DJE in sandstorm, minor damage, 75/75 o/b unharmed  ex F-WWDO
Airbus A320  -233  739     SP-HAC  Small Planet Polska  delivery 09mar12 DUB-WAW   ex N413AC
 Airbus A320  -232  1349     EI-EUC  ILFC  Spanair cs, ferried 12mar12 LJU-DUB after mx and storage   ex EC-HRP
 Airbus A320  -214  1454     SP-IAE  Yes Airways  at SNN 10mar12 in full OLT Express cs, EI-reg prior delivery   ex EI-EPX
Airbus A320  -232  2413     OE-IBF  AerCap  seen regd 08mar12 at DUB, full Kingfisher cs  ex VT-KFA
Airbus A320  -214  4490     5A-LAJ  Libyan Airlines  ferried 12mar12** TLS-TIP prior return to svc  ex D-AUBI
Airbus A320  -232  5039     VH-VFF  Jetstar  delivery 09mar12 TLS-DXB-SIN  ex F-WWDG
 Airbus A320  -235  5050     9V-SLO  Silk Air  delivery 10mar12 TLS-SHJ-SIN  ex F-WWDY
 Airbus A321  -112  494     EI-IXI  Alitalia  ferried 12mar12 FCO-OSR for paint into new cs   ex I-BIXI
 Airbus A321  -231  787     EI-ETK  Kolavia  delivery 12mar12 IST-DME  ex TC-OAI

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.656

Incident: Tunis A320 at Djerba on Mar 10th 2012, runway excursion
By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Mar 10th 2012 10:51Z, last updated Saturday, Mar 10th 2012 12:28Z
A Tunis Air Airbus A320-200, registration TS-IMD performing flight TU-635 from Monastir to Djerba (Tunisia) with 67 passengers and 8 crew, flew an ILS approach to and landing on runway 09 in strong gusting crosswinds at 00:18L (23:18Z Mar 9th) when the aircraft veered left off the runway and came to a stop a few meters off paved surface. No injuries occurred. The aircraft was damaged, the extent is unclear.

The aerodrome needed to be closed until estimated 19:00Z Mar 10th (20:00L).

The airline reported due to strong gusting winds the aircraft suffered a slight overrun of the runway. All occupants are uninjured and have been evacuated with the help of firefighters. A technical team has been dispatched to Djerba to move the aircraft off the runway and repair the aircraft.

The flight had originated in Paris Orly bound for Djerba via Monastir.

The aerodrome offers a runway 09/27 of 3.100 meters/10,170 feet length, an ILS approach and approach lights are available for runway 09, runway 27 has no approach lights and offers non-precision approaches (VOR, RNAV) only.

Airbus A320 -211 205 TS-IMD Tunis Air landed off runway 10mar12 ORY-DJE in sandstorm, extent of damage unknown, 75/75 o/b unharmed ex F-WWDO

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.655

Airbus A330 -343 1289 HS-TBC Thai International onward delivery 07mar12 FRA-BKK after seat installation ex F-WWKP
Airbus A330 -243 1295 N385HA Hawaiian Airlines delivery 10mar12 TLS-HNL ex F-WWYD

Airbus Updates No.654

Airbus A320 -214 4886 B-6872 China Eastern delivery 08mar12 ex TSN ex B-519L
Airbus A320 -232 5039 VH-VFF Jetstar delivery 09mar12 TLS-DXB-SIN ex F-WWDG
Airbus A320 -232 5042 N613NK Spirit Airlines delivery 07mar12 TLS-YYR-FLL ex F-WWDO
Airbus A320 -235 5050 9V-SLO Silk Air delivery 10mar12 TLS-SHJ-SIN ex F-WWDY
Airbus A330 -223 364 EI-CXG ILFC ferried 09mar12 IST-LDE for storage, Air Australia ntu ex TC-ETL
Airbus A330 -243 456 4R-ALJ Sri Lankan G-reg canx 09mar12 prior delivery ex MAN ex G-OJMC

Airbus Updates No.653

Airbus A320 -233 1730 TC-IZL AtlasJet ferried 10mar12 BOH-SEN after paint prior delivery ex N486TA
Airbus A320 -214 1838 OO-SND Brussels Airlines ferried 10mar12 DUS-IST after paint, D-reg prior delivery ex D-ALTJ
Airbus A320 -232 1918 EI-ELD ACG Acquisitions ferried 09mar12 SEN-BOD, Avia Nova cs, after storage ex G-TTOF

Airbus Updates No.652

Airbus A310 -304F 538 VT-EQS Air India Cargo ferried 09mar12 BOM-SAW after storage ex F-WWCP
Airbus A319 -132 2362 OO-TCS Thomas Cook Belgium delivery 09mar12 SNN-BRU ex M-ABEL
Airbus A320 -211 44 F-GHQC Air France ferried 09mar12 LDE-ORY after storage since 15dec11
Airbus A320 -214 533 SP-IAA Yes Airways ferried 08mar12 OSR-WAW after paint into OLT Express cs ex EI-DDL
Airbus A320 -233 739 SP-HAC Small Planet Polska delivery 09mar12 DUB-WAW ex N413AC
Airbus A320 -214 1571 G-OZBW Monarch re-regd 09mar12 ex G-OOPP

Friday, 9 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.651

THAI’s first A380 makes maiden flight from Toulouse

Next phase will be cabin installation and aircraft painting
The first A380 for Thai Airways International (THAI) took off for its maiden flight on 5th March following completion of the airframe assembly and system tests in Toulouse, France.
After a successful flight of more than four hours, the aircraft landed in Hamburg, Germany, where it is entering the next phase of production, covering cabin installation and painting.
THAI will become the ninth operator of the A380 when it takes delivery of its first aircraft in the third quarter of 2012. The airline has firm orders for six A380s and will operate the aircraft on its premier routes from Bangkok to Europe.

Airbus Updates No.650

A380 to fly at FIDAE Air Show as part of 2012 World Tour

A400M makes debut at Latin America’s biggest air show in Santiago de Chile
For the first time Airbus will showcase its biggest stars together at the FIDAE Air Show (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) in Santiago, Chile. Both the iconic A380 and the new generation airlifter A400M will be in static display and conduct flight demonstrations at Latin America’s most important air show.

The A380’s participation at FIDAE is part of the aircraft’s 2012 World Tour, which will include stops in Brazil (Sao Paulo on March 22 and Rio de Janeiro on March 23) and Argentina, (Buenos Aires on March 30) before returning to Toulouse. The aircraft will stay in Santiago de Chile for FIDAE between March 26 and 29.

“Airbus has been participating in FIDAE for nearly 30 years because it is the most important venue in Latin America to showcase the latest Airbus technology,” said Rafael Alonso, Executive Vice President of Airbus for Latin America and the Caribbean. “With Latin American air traffic expected to triple in the next 20 years, Airbus estimates the region will require more than 40 very large aircraft, like the A380, between today and 2030. Bringing the A380 to the region has never been more relevant because it is not a question of when the A380 will begin to operate here, but rather what airline will be the first to fly it.”

With 138 airports visited worldwide, the A380 has proven it can be operated in existing airport infrastructure with no or little modifications. Today some 30 airports worldwide see A380 daily operations. In addition to these, more than 50 airports are ready or getting prepared to accommodate the A380 and answer the airlines’ need for more A380 destinations. The world’s largest, most comfortable and eco-efficient passenger aircraft, is now in service with some of the greatest international airlines. More than 70 A380 have been delivered already to 7 customers from a firm order book of 253 aircraft from 19 customers.

Airbus Military will bring the most versatile airlifter for the 21st Century, the A400M, to Latin America for the first time. Grizzly 2, one of the five flight test aircraft, will arrive at FIDAE on 26th of March and will stay at the show, in the static display, until 28th of March, when the aircraft will fly to Lima, Peru for a visit.

The A400M will be in Latin America until 1st of April and during this period, as part of the A400M Flight Test Campaign, it will perform High Altitude testing in Bolivia (Cochabamba and La Paz).
“Latin America is of strategic importance for Airbus Military and FIDAE is a key platform. The presence of the A400M shows how important this event is for our company”, said Antonio Rodriguez Barberán, Head of Commercial of Airbus Military.

The A400M is the all new military airlifter designed to satisfy not only the Armed Forces’ needs in the 21st Century, but also the needs of humanitarian aid and other “civic” missions to the benefit of society. Thanks to its advanced technologies, it is able to fly higher, faster and further while retaining high maneuverability, low speed and short, soft and rough airfield capabilities.

Airbus Updates No.649

China 'blocks Airbus deals' in EU carbon levy spat

EADS CEO Louis Gallois speaks during the press conference in Paris Louis Gallois says Airbus is being subjected to "retaliation measures" by China

China has blocked firms from buying planes made by European manufacturer Airbus in a row over a carbon levy, the firm's parent company EADS has said.

EADS chief executive Louis Gallois says Airbus is being subjected to "retaliation measures" by China.

The EU levy took effect on 1 January, and will charge airlines for the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) they emit.

Beijing has not commented, and it is not clear whether it is official policy or a negotiating ploy, analysts say.

"The Chinese government refuses to approve airlines' orders for long-haul aeroplanes," Mr Gallois told a news conference as he presented the company's annual results.

Mr Gallois said opposition by Beijing could affect the sales of at least two dozen long-haul A330 planes this year and next.

This appears to be the heaviest weapon yet deployed in the battle between the EU and its opponents over charging airlines for their global warming emissions, says BBC environment correspondent Richard Black.

He says it is surprising because tensions appeared to be decreasing a couple of weeks ago, when countries including China decided not to pursue legal action against the EU, but pursue a negotiated outcome.

However, Air China said it did not believe China has banned airlines from ordering Airbus aircraft.

The Chinese carrier has no plans to cancel existing orders, a spokeswoman told Dow Jones news agency.
Widespread complaints
Critics say the EU has no right to impose levies on flights to or from destinations outside Europe.

But in December, the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU levy on CO2 pollution from aircraft was legal.

No air carrier will face a bill until 2013 after this year's carbon emissions have been tallied.

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) creates permits for carbon emissions. Airlines that exceed their allowances will have to buy extra permits, as an incentive to airlines to pollute less.

The number of permits is reduced over time, so that the total CO2 output from airlines in European airspace falls.

More than two dozen countries, including China, Russia and the US, have opposed the EU move, saying it violates international law.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.648

Airbus A320 -232 5042 N613NK Spirit Airlines delivery 07mar12 TLS-YYR-FLL ex F-WWDO
Airbus A321 -211 5059 VQ-BOI Aeroflot delivery 07mar12 XFW-SVO ex D-AZAS

Airbus Updates No.647

Airbus A320-2142407EC-JGMVuelingferried 05-06mar12 NAT-LPA-BCN after lease to Andes Líneas Aéreas ex F-WWDC
Airbus A320-2322676VT-DKUKingfisher Redferried 07-08mar12 AMM-SNN-YYR on return to lessor ex F-WWIK
Airbus A320-21444905A-LAJLibyan Airlinesferried 07mar12 TLS-TIP prior return to svcex D-AUBI

Airbus Updates No.646

Airbus A320 -214 533 SP-IAA Yes Airways ferried 08mar12 OSR-WAW after paint into OLT Express cs ex EI-DDL
Airbus A320 -214 1605 G-OOPT Thomson Airways ferried 06mar12 MAN-EMA for paint into? ex C-GTDH
Airbus A320 -214 1637 G-OZBX Monarch re-regd 06mar12 ex G-OOPU

Monday, 5 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.645

Airbus A319 -112 1750   JU-8889 Mongolian Airlines delivery 02/04mar12 VCV-SEA-ANC-CTS-ULN, all white  ex N750MX

Airbus A319 -112 3872   TS-IEG Syphax Airlines ferried 02mar12 MPL-PRG after paint, D-reg prior delivery  ex D-AHIO
 Airbus A319 -115 5057   N557AV Avianca delivery 03-04mar12 TLS-TFS-FOR-BOG  ex D-AVYM

Airbus A320 -212 395   VH-YQC Air Australia ferried 29feb/02mar12 PER-MAJ-HNL-GYR on return to lessor  ex CS-TNE

Airbus A320 -232 1969   EI-ELE ACG Acquisitions ferried 03mar12 SEN-WOE ex G-TTOG

 Airbus A320 -214 5034   N853VA Virgin America delivery 03mar12 TLS-KEF-BGR-MIA  ex F-WWIP

 Airbus A330 -243 456   4R- Sri Lankan ferried 02mar12 AUH-MAN after paint, G-reg prior delivery  ex G-OJMC

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.644


(Reuters) - Hong Kong Airlines Ltd has threatened to cancel an aircraft order with Airbus in the latest escalation of tension over the European Union's decision to make flights pay for their carbon emissions, the South China Morning Post reported.
The Hong Kong-based regional carrier, backed by China's fourth-largest carrier Hainan Airlines Co Ltd (600221.SS), said it was under pressure to cancel its order for 10 Airbus A380s with a list value of $3.8 billion, the Hong Kong newspaper said.
"We cannot do something which is against our country's interests," it quoted airline president Yang Jianhong as saying.
The A380 superjumbo is European aircraft maker Airbus's (EAD.PA) flagship passenger jet.
A spokeswoman for Airbus said the Hong Kong Airlines orders "have been placed in the order book and they remain there".
Others refused to comment.
"I cannot confirm this and I have no comment on this," said Kenneth Thong, Hong Kong Airlines' head of corporate governance and international affairs.
In Brussels, Isaac Valero-Ladron, EU spokesman for climate action, said the European Commission did not comment on "possible commercial decisions".
China has said it would not buy Airbus aircraft because of the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme ETS.L, which requires all flights using EU airports to pay for their carbon costs.
Plans to announce the high-profile A380 deal between Airbus and Hong Kong Airlines were called off at the Paris Airshow last June because of China's anger over the ETS, industry sources said.
But Hong Kong Airlines confirmed its order for the double-decker A380 some months afterwards.
Analysts say airlines typically have to pay a deposit of at least 5 percent when they place a firm order.
So far, China Southern Airlines Co Ltd (1055.HK) (600029.SS) (ZNH.N) is the only mainland Chinese airline to order the A380. Two of the five planes it ordered are already in service on the Beijing-Guangzhou route.
"The third A380 is arriving today and will start serving the Beijing-Hong Kong route tomorrow. There is no plan to cancel the other two," a spokesman of the airline told Reuters.
The Airbus-Boeing (BA.N) duopoly in the supply of larger commercial airlines means China has to rely on the European and U.S. firms to meet fast-growing demand for civil aviation.
In February, China banned its airlines from participating in the European Commission's ETS unless they were given approval.
At a daily briefing on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei repeated China's opposition.
"The facts show that Europe's actions are unpopular and will have no effect," he said. "We hope that Europe can face squarely the international community's concerns and devote themselves to solving the issue, not further complicating it."
Apart from China, other major powers, including the United States and India, have objected to the EU's scheme on the grounds it breaches national sovereignty, but Europe's highest court in December said the EU law was valid.
Although Commission officials made no comment on the latest threat, they have said they will modify their law only if the U.N.'s International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.L finds a global solution to the problem of rising airline emissions.
Commission director-general for climate action Jos Delbeke said this week the EU would respond to retaliation, although he did not specify how.
Air China Ltd (601111.SS) (0753.HK), China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd (600115.SS) (0670.HK) (CEA.N), China Southern and Hainan Airlines -- China's top four airlines -- would also consider legal action against the EU over the move to charge for carbon emissions on flights to and from Europe, according to the China Air Transport Association CATA.L.
The holding company that controls Hong Kong Airlines counts Hainan Airlines and Hainan Airlines' parent HNA Group among its top shareholders.
The carrier, which had 14 aircraft including six A330-200s and eight Boeing (BA.N) 737-800s, was taking delivery of eight to 10 more this year, its spokeswoman told Reuters in January.
It operates scheduled flights to up to 10 cities in China and other parts of Asia and Europe, including Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia.
The carrier has said it would start daily flights between Hong Kong and London in March.
The ETS scheme would be unlikely to have a big impact on its customers as the flights would be all-business class.
In any case, the Commission has made clear the carbon cost per passenger would be only between 2 and 12 euros, depending on airlines' decisions about how much to pass on to customers.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.643

Airbus A318 -111 1939   N801FR Frontier ferried 29feb12 TUS-GYR for storage ex D-AUAA

Airbus A320 -212 190   VH-YQA Air Australia ferried 29feb-01mar12 BNE-SIN-MLE-JED-MPL on return to lessor  ex F-OHFU

Airbus A320 -214 1838   D-ALTJ Air Berlin ferried 01mar12 IST-DUB for paint, for Brussels Airlines as OO-SND  ex F-WWM

Airbus A320 -214 5006   B-6855 Tianjin Airlines delivery 01-02mar12 TLS-SVX-TSN ex F-WWDM

 Airbus A321 -211 5044   VQ-BOH Aeroflot delivery 01mar12 XFW-SVO ex D-AZAP
 Airbus A321 -211 5049   D-AIDP Lufthansa delivery 01mar12 XFW-MUC ex D-AZAQ
 Airbus A321 -232 5054   B-6848 Air China delivery 01mar12 XFW-OVB-PEK ex D-AZAR