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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.642

Airbus A300 -622RF 724   D-AEAP EAT Leipzig ferried 27feb12 SNN-LEJ after paint into DHL cs  ex N1724
 Airbus A310 -304 571   CS-TGU SATA International ferried 20/29feb12 LIS-MST-LIS, paint into new cs  ex F-GJKQ
 Airbus A319 -132 2362   OO-TCS Thomas Cook Belgium entered paint-shop at SNN 25feb12, M-reg ex M-ABEL
 Airbus A319 -112 3202   HB-IOY Belair Air Berlin cs, ferried 29feb12 ZRH-LJU, for Germania as D-ASTX ex D-ABGG
 Airbus A319 -112 3533   D-AHHA Hamburg Airways ferried 29feb12 DRS-NWI for paint into new cs  ex D-AHIJ

Airbus A320 -214 1678   OH-LXE Finnnair ferried 29feb12 LIS-HEL after paint into all white  ex F-WWIF
 Airbus A320 -233 1730   TC-IZL AtlasJet ferried 29feb12 SEN-BOH for paint, to be re-regd  ex N486TA

Airbus A320 -232 4973   PK-RMO Mandala delivery 21feb12 SIN-CGK, basic Tiger cs was not used by TGW  ex 9V-TRE

Airbus A320 -232 5029   N612NK Spirit Airlines delivery 29feb12 TLS-YYR-FLL ex F-WWBN

Airbus A320 -214 5048   B-6890 China Southern delivery 29feb12 XFW-OVB-PVG ex D-AXAO

Airbus A380 -841 54   B-6138 China Southern delivery 29feb12 TLS-PEK ex F-WWAX

Airbus Updates No.641

Airbus A320 -211 1973   9Q- CAA - Compagnie Africaine d delivery 28feb12 MPL-FIH, F-reg  ex F-WTHL

Airbus A320 -232 2502   VT-KFD Kingfisher ferried 29feb12 AMM-DUB on return to lessor ex F-WWBG

Airbus A320 -232 5029   N612NK Spirit Airlines delivery 29feb12 TLS-YYR-FLL ex F-WWBN
 Airbus A320 -214 5033   9K-CAL Jazeera Airways delivery 29feb12 XFW-KWI ex D-AXAL

Airbus A320 -214 5037   HB-JLR Swiss International delivery 29feb12 TLS-ZRH ex F-WWDF
 Airbus A320 -214 5048   B-6890 China Southern delivery 29feb12 XFW-OVB-PVG ex D-AXAO

Airbus A321 -211 5044   VQ-BOH Aeroflot delivery 29feb12 XFW-SVO ex D-AZAP
 Airbus A321 -211 5049   D-AIDP Lufthansa delivery 29feb12 XFW-FRA ex D-AZAQ

Monday, 27 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.640

 Airbus A300 -622RF 724   D-AEAP EAT Leipzig ferried 27feb12 SNN-LEJ after paint into DHL cs  ex N1724

Airbus A319 -133ACJ 4151   M-KATE Sophar Property Holding delivery 27feb12 BSL-NCE after VIP cabin configuration  ex D-AVYB

 Airbus A320 -214 533   SP-IAA Yes Airways ferried 26feb12 WAW-OSR for paint into OLT Express cs  ex EI-DDL

Airbus A320 -214 1637   G-OOPU Thomson Airways ferried 18/27feb12 MAN-NWI-MAN for paint, for Monarch as G-OZPX  ex G-OOAU

Airbus A320 -214 2745   D-AHHC Hamburg Airways ferried 26feb12 DRS-NWI for paint into? ex EI-ER

Airbus A320 -214 5026   VQ-BPL S7 Airlines delivery 27feb12 TLS-DME ex F-WWBK

Airbus A330 -223 324   VH-SSA Air Australia Strategic cs, ferried 25-26feb12 HNL-YUL-ZRH on return to lessor  ex HB-IQR

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.639

Airbus A320 -232 1183   SE-RJE SAS regd 24feb12, ferried 25feb12 MAD-SNN, Spanair cs  ex EC-KEC
 Airbus A320 -232 1383   SE-RJF SAS regd 24feb12, ferried 25feb12 BCN-SNN, Spanair cs  ex EC-KOX

Airbus A321 -231 1953   TC-ATH AtlasJet ferried 25feb12 BEY-IST after paint  ex F-ORMF

Airbus A330 -202 1043   5A-ONH Afriqiyah Airways ferried 26feb12 TIP-BOD after storage ex F-WWKM
 Airbus A330 -243MRTT 1080     UAE Air Force delivery 26feb12 LEGT-OMAM, regd MRTT0013  ex EC-339
 Airbus A330 -343 1285   B-LAN Cathay Pacific delivery 24feb12 TLS-HKG ex F-WWYE

Friday, 24 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.638

 Airbus A319 -132 5043   D-AGWT germanwings delivery 24feb12 XFW-CGN ex D-AVYL
 Airbus A320 -231 376   SX-BTP Skywings Airlines arrv RKT 10feb12, parked since prior lease to RAK Airways?  ex N376BV

Airbus A320 -232 1383   EC-KOX Spanair ferried 24feb12 BCN-SNN after storage ex G-MIDV

 Airbus A320 -214 4917 1760 HS-ABX Thai Air Asia ferried 16feb12 KUL-BKK on transfer ex 9M-AQJ

Airbus A330 -202 999   5A-ONF Afriqiyah Airways ferried 24feb12 TIP-BOD after storage ex F-WYV

Airbus A330 -343 1290   HB-JHL Swiss International delivery 24feb12 TLS-ZRH ex F-WWKU

 Airbus A380 -861 98   A6-EDU Emirates delivery 24feb12 XFW-DXB ex F-WWAB

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.637

Airbus A320 -232 1383   EC-KOX Spanair to be ferried 24feb12 BCN-SNN after storage ex G-MIDV

 Airbus A320 -232 5024   B-HSQ Dragonair delivery 23-24feb12 TLS-AUH-HKG, all white  ex F-WWBD
Airbus A330 -341 1288   PK-GPO Garuda Indonesia delivery 23feb12 TLS-CGK ex F-WWKL
 Airbus A330 -343 1289   HS-TBC Thai International delivery 23feb12 TLS-FRA ex F-WWKP

Airbus Updates No.636

Airbus A320 -232 1682   EC-ICL Spanair ferried 23feb12 MAD-SNN after storage  ex F-WWBD
 Airbus A318 -112CJ 4650   B- Sonair ferried 22-23feb12 TUL-YQX-XFW after VIP config, F-reg  ex F-WHUI
 Airbus A319 -112 3245   HB-JOY Belair Air Berlin cs, regd 21feb12, to be ferried on transfer 23feb12 DUS-ZRH  ex D-ABGH

 Airbus A320 -214 1797   OO-SNC Brussels Airlines ferried 22feb12 DUB-PRG after paint, D-reg, prior delivery  ex D-ALTH

Airbus A320 -214 5017   A6-ANI Air Arabia delivery 23feb12 TLS-SHJ ex F-WWIX
 Airbus A320 -232 5021   HA-LWM Wizz Air delivery 22feb12 TLS-BUD ex F-WWIY
 Airbus A320 -232 5036   VT-IEQ IndiGo Airlines delivery 21feb12 XFW-DEL ex D-AXAM
 Airbus A321 -211 1017   PK-YUF Batavia Air F-reg canx 16feb12, delivery 21feb12 CMN-DXB ex F-OIVU

Airbus A330 -243 1291   B-6545 China Eastern delivery 21feb12 TLS-PVG ex F-WWYB

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.635

A350's Trent XWB engine makes successful first flight on Airbus’ A380 test aircraft

Promising start to engine flight-test campaign one year ahead of A350 first flight

Flight tests to ensure high level of maturity from day one

The A350 XWB’s new engine – the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB – has successfully made its maiden flight aboard Airbus’ dedicated A380 “Flying-Test-Bed” aircraft. The aircraft took off from Airbus facilities in Toulouse and performed a flight of more than five hours during which the engine covered a wide range of power settings at altitudes up to 43,000ft. The aircraft handling qualities were evaluated from low speeds to Mach 0.9. The engine not only operated flawlessly, but also demonstrated its new-generation fuel efficiency and low noise.

The Trent XWB development engine, specially fitted with test sensors to measure hundreds of parameters, was mounted on the A380’s inner left engine pylon, replacing one of the aircraft’s Trent 900 engines. The crew on board this first flight were: Airbus Experimental test pilots Terry Lutz and Frank Chapman; Experimental Test Flight Engineer Pascal Verneau; and Flight Test Engineers Emanuele Costanzo and Tuan Do.

“The A350 XWB’s engine performed excellently during its first flight-test, just as we expected,” said Charles Champion, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Airbus. “This is a promising start to the Trent XWB’s flight-test programme which will ensure a thorough real-life testing of the engine, nacelle and its systems.” He adds: “This will allow for a high level of powerplant integration, maturity and reliability to be achieved by the time it flies on the first A350 XWB aircraft.”

Commencing around one year prior to the A350 XWB’s first flight, this engine flight-test programme is scheduled to accumulate around 175 flight hours – some three times more airborne flying hours than on previous programmes. This will be accomplished over a seven month period and will include hot weather as well as icing condition testing campaigns. It will also test the advanced nacelle and thrust reverser system provided by Goodrich.

The overall objective of these flight-tests is the early and systematic validation of all performance aspects of the engine and also the associated systems. In turn, this will contribute to significantly ‘de-risking’ the A350 XWB’s development well ahead of entry-into-service. The first results of this flight-test campaign are expected this summer.

Airbus is the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer producing the most modern and efficient airliners from 100 seats to over 500. Airbus has design and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, the UK, and Spain as well as subsidiaries in the US, China, Japan and in the Middle East. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company.

Airbus Updates No.634

Airbus A320 -214 1867   N264AV USA 3000 ferried 03feb12 ORD-SJO on return to lessor ex F-WWIL

 Airbus A320 -214 2668   OE-LEO flyNiki ferried 18feb12 IST-VIE pror return to lessor ex F-WWBP

 Airbus A320 -232 5010   A7-AHS Qatar Airways delivery 20feb12 TLS-DOH ex F-WWDX
 Airbus A320 -214 5011   ZS-SZY South African delivery 18feb12 TLS-EBB-JNB, all white  ex F-WWIA
 Airbus A320 -214 5015   JA803P Peach Aviation delivery 21feb12 TLS-DXB ex F-WWIG

Airbus A320 -232 5036   VT-IEQ IndiGo Airlines delivery 21feb12 XFW-DEL ex D-AXAM
 Airbus A321 -231 1333   EC-HQZ Spanair ferried 20feb12 BCN-DUB after storage ex D-AVZB
 Airbus A321 -232 2927   VT-KFQ Kingfisher Airlines ferried 20feb12 ESB-SNN, to be regd N927AG ex D-AVZC

Airbus A330 -243 1291   B-6545 China Eastern delivery 21feb12 TLS-PVG ex F-WWYB

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Airbus Updates no.633

Airbus A319-100 [D-AHIN / TS-IEF]
Airbus A319 D-AHIN of Syphax Airlines will become TS-IEF

Airbus A330-300 [F-WWYP / PH-AKA ]
First KLM A330-300 seen returning to Toulouse after a test flight will become PH-AKA on delivery

Airbus Updates No.632

Airbus A319 -112 3853   TS-IEF Syphax Airlines  ferried 17feb12 MPL-PRG, D-reg prior delivery ex D-AHIN
 Airbus A319 -112 3872   TS-IEG Syphax Airlines  ferried 16feb12 PRG-MPL, D-reg for paint prior delivery ex D-AHIO

Airbus A320 -232 661   EI-EEI ACG Acquisitions ferried 17feb12 SNN-DUB, Avia Nova cs ex N603AW

Airbus A320 -214 1457   I-BIKC Alitalia ferried 18feb12 CHR-FCO after paint into new cs ex F-WWBV

Airbus A320 -232 4866   B-6853 Shenzhen Airlines delivery 17feb12 ex TJN ex B-517L
 Airbus A320 -214 5008   B-6858 Capital Airlines delivery 17feb12 TLS-TSE-PEK ex F-WWDR

Airbus A330 -243 1286   B-LNK Hong Kong Airlines delivery 17feb12 TLS-HKG ex F-WWYH
 Airbus A340 -313 128   LV-CSF Aerolineas Argentinas delivery 17/19feb12 XMN-AKL-EZE ex B-HXO

Friday, 17 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.631


Aussie airline goes under, strands 4,000 travelers
By Kristen Gelineau Associated Press

Published: Thursday, Feb. 16 2012 11:25 p.m. MST

SYDNEY — Thousands of travelers from Hawaii to Thailand were stranded Friday after budget airline Air Australia ran out of money and went into voluntary administration, immediately grounding its five-jet fleet.

The Brisbane-based international and domestic airline, formerly known as Strategic Airlines, said all flights had been canceled and the airline would not be accepting new bookings because it could no longer pay its bills. Voluntary administration in Australia is similar to bankruptcy protection in the U.S., and can buy a company time to trade out of its financial problems.

"It currently appears that there are no funds available to meet operational expenses so flights will be suspended immediately," the airline said in a statement. Passengers who bought tickets with credit cards or had travel insurance may be given a refund, the airline said.

Around 4,000 passengers were overseas with Air Australia round-trip tickets, voluntary administrator Mark Korda said. Some of those affected were stranded in Honolulu and Phuket, Thailand.

"Overnight, the company was unable to refuel its planes in Phuket," Korda told Australia's Fairfax Radio. "The directors appointed us at 1:30 this morning and the boys have been working throughout the night to deal with what's a very difficult situation."

Stranded in Honolulu, Priya Sinh was forced to postpone her 18th birthday party on Saturday at her home on Australia's Gold Coast. She used her iPad to log onto Facebook to tell her 70 guests not to come because she wouldn't be back in time.

"We tried to laugh about it, but it wasn't funny," she said while her family called hotels looking for a room. Her mother managed to reserve the last four seats on a Jetstar flight to Sydney leaving Saturday.

Australian airline Qantas and Jetstar, its budget subsidiary, were considering adding services to help stranded passengers get to their destinations, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said. He said the airline will sell stranded passengers tickets for the same price they paid for their Air Australia tickets, giving them a chance to recover the full price from their travel agencies or credit card companies.

Air Australia's fleet consists of five Airbus A330-200 and A320-200 aircraft, and regularly flies to Bali, Phuket, Honolulu and cities within Australia.

Korda said in a statement that Air Australia's administrators were calling for immediate expressions of interest in the sale of the business.

Associated Press writer Audrey McAvoy in Honolulu contributed to this report.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.630

Airbus to launch A330P2F cargo conversion programme with ST Aerospace and EADS EFW

Extending Airbus’ Freighter portfolio

SINGAPORE AIRSHOW – Airbus, ST Aerospace and EADS EFW have signed an MoU for a strategic partnership to develop the A330 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) conversion programme. This agreement, setting out the project’s foundation and granting Authorisation To Offer[1] for the A330P2F, was signed by Chang Cheow Teck, President of ST Aerospace; Tom Enders, President and CEO of Airbus and Andreas Sperl, CEO of EADS EFW; in the presence of Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of German’s Federal State of Saxony.

For the project, ST Aerospace will lead the A330P2F engineering development, working with Airbus and EADS EFW who will subsequently be responsible as programme lead during the industrial phase, and will undertake most of the conversions at its facilities in Dresden, Germany. Under the agreement it is planned that EADS EFW will become the European centre for ST Aerospace’s global maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. The project is subject to the definitive agreements being finalised in the coming weeks and also to regulatory clearances.

The A330P2F programme includes two versions – the A330-200P2F and the larger A330-300P2F. Of the two models, the larger A330-300P2F will be particularly suitable for integrators and express carriers thanks to its high volumetric payload capability with lower-density cargo. Complementing this will be the A330-200P2F which will be optimised for higher-density freight and longer range performance. Entry-into-service for the first A330-300P2F is targeted for 2016. 

Chang Cheow Teck, President of ST Aerospace says: “Aircraft conversion is one of the most complex modifications which demands precision and engineering finesse. We are thrilled to partner industry experts Airbus and EADS EFW for this new A330P2F conversion programme.” He adds: “We are looking forward to leveraging our engineering design experience, to provide value added solutions to the aircraft operators.”
Andreas Sperl, President and CEO of EADS EFW says: “The strategic partnership with ST Aerospace is the right step at the right time. Together with Airbus we will develop an outstanding A330 freighter conversion which will add another chapter to our successful Airbus-P2F programme.”

Tom Enders, President and CEO of Airbus says: “Alongside our highly efficient A330-200F factory-built freighter, Airbus has always been committed to extending its freighter portfolio, and the A330P2F is the perfect next step to building the Airbus Freighter Family.” He adds: “Working with our industry leading partners ST Aerospace and EADS EFW is a great opportunity in providing the best P2F economics and performance for freight operators.” 

Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of German’s Federal State of Saxony says: "The aircraft industry has a long tradition in Dresden since the first German passenger jet was built there. Following today’s agreement, I am very happy that the resulting A330 Passenger-to-Freighter conversion programme will bring EADS EFW to a world leading role in this industry sector, and it will also tighten the relationship between Saxony and Singapore."

Approximately 2,700 freighters will be required over the next 20 years, and around half of these will be in the mid-sized freighter segment, including 900 conversions. Addressing this requirement, both the A330-200P2F and the A330-300P2F facilitate the change to environmentally-friendly, new-technology converted freighters, while recognising the operators’ focus on capital cost. As well as complementing the factory-built A330-200F in service today, the A330P2F freighter conversion programme will also enhance and sustain A330 Family residual values by extending the economic lives of A330 airframes.

 The A330 Family includes Passenger, Freighter, VIP, and Military Transport/Tanker variants, has now attracted around 1,200 orders. Thanks to the introduction of numerous product improvements, it still holds its position as the most cost-efficient in its class and a core asset in the world’s fleets. Today the A330 fleet has accumulated over 20 million flight hours and almost five million revenue flights. More than 830 A330s are now in service with over 90 operators, achieving average dispatch reliability above 99 percent.

 ST Aerospace is the aerospace arm of ST Engineering. Operating a global MRO network with facilities in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, it is the world’s largest aircraft MRO provider with a global customer base that includes leading airlines, airfreight and military operators. ST Aerospace is an integrated service provider offering a full spectrum including: airframe, engine and component maintenance, repair and overhaul; engineering design and technical services; and aviation materials and management services. The company has a global staff strength of more than 8,000 engineers and technical specialists.

EADS EFW based in Dresden Germany, combines various aviation and technology activities under a single roof, including the conversion of passenger aircraft into freighter configuration, maintenance and repair of Airbus aircraft and various engineering services. As of today, EADS EFW has converted more than 170 freighter aircraft for 39 customers globally. Today’s EFW portfolio also includes the A300-600P2F and A310P2F. As EADS’ centre of excellence for freighter conversions, EFW pushes the further development of the Airbus freighter family.

Airbus is the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturer producing the most modern and efficient airliners in every category, from the single-aisle A320 Family up to the world’s largest airliner, the A380. Airbus has design and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, the UK, and Spain as well as subsidiaries in the US, China, Japan and in the Middle East. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company.

One of the first customers is Qatar Airways who are looking to convert their passenger A330 aircraft into freighters as and when the new Boeing 787 aircraft come on line into the fleet

Airbus Updates No.629

Bhutan’s Drukair orders an Airbus A319 with Sharklets

Most efficient jet aircraft for high altitude airport operations

Drukair, the flag carrier of landlocked Eastern Himalayan mountain Kingdom of Bhutan, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for an Airbus A319 aircraft fitted w ith fuel saving Sharklets to complement its existing fleet of two A319s. 

Surrounded by a tall wall of mountains and located at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, Drukair operates out of one of the world’s most challenging airports at Paro, where approach is by Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only. This means the crew can only fly by vision, which requires a high performance and responsive aircraft. The A319 is the largest aircraft operating out of Paro.

“For any landlocked country, aviation is the gateway to the world and its economic importance cannot be overestimated,” said Dasho Sonam Tshering Drukair Chairman. “The Airbus A319 is the largest aircraft flying to Bhutan, and it has allowed us to welcome even more visitors in comfort and style.”
Drukair will deploy the new aircraft to increase capacity on existing regional routes as well as to open up new services to Singapore and Hong Kong.

“The A319 offers unmatched performance helping it to be operated from the world’s most challenging airports where other comparable aircraft are unable to,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “The added range and fuel efficiency of the A319 equipped with ‘Sharklets’ will help Drukair to expand to new markets and doing so in the most fuel efficient way possible.” 

Sharklets have been specially designed for the Airbus A320 Family to reduce fuel burn by up to an additional 3.5 percent, corresponding to an annual CO2 reduction of around 700 tonnes per aircraft. This reduction is equivalent to the CO2 produced by around 200 cars annually. The wingtip devices will also enhance the aircraft’s performance. 

Over 8,300 A320 Family aircraft have already been ordered and some 5,000 delivered to more than 350 customers and operators worldwide reaffirming its position as the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft family.

Airbus Updates No.628

 Airbus A320 -214 1571   G-OZBW Monarch ferried 15feb12 NWI-MAN after paint, old G-reg ex G-OOPP

 Airbus A320 -232 2479   EI-EUO (Spanair) regd and ferried 15feb12 MAD-DUB, (+ 2589 EI-EUP ex EC-JNC regd 15feb12, ferried 16feb12 MAD-DUB ex EC-JJD

Airbus A321 -231 1843   D-ALAB Lufthansa Technik Spanair cs, ferried 16feb12 BCN-SNN, N843AG ntu  ex EC-IJU

Airbus A321 -211 5038   D-ABCI Air Berlin delivery 16feb12 XFW-TXL ex D-AZAO

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.627

Airbus A310 -324F 693   M-YRGS Kaveri Leasing ferried 15feb12 LIS-BGR-VCV, basic Deccan 360 cs  ex VT-AIO

Airbus A319 -133ACJ 4992   A4O-AJ Oman Royal Flight ferried 15feb12 XFW-YQX-DAL fir VIP cabin config, regd F-WXAH ex D-AVYE

Airbus A320 -232 1349   EC-HRP Spanair stuck at LJU during maintenance, + 1749 EC-IEJ ex F-WWBD

 Airbus A330 -243CJ 1240   TC-TUR Türkiye Cumhuriyeti delivery 15feb12 TLS-SKF, all wh, for VIP cabin config  e F-WWKQ

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.626

ALAFCO orders additional 35 A320neo

Lessor strengthens portfolio with world’s fastest selling aircraft

14 February 2012 
ALAFCO Aviation Lease And Finance Company, the Kuwait-based international aircraft leasing company, has finalised a purchase order for 35 A320neo Family aircraft bringing its total backlog for the type to 85.
The firm contract is an increase of the previous agreement signed at the 2011 Dubai Airshow for 50 A320neo aircraft.

“After a full analysis, we concluded that the A320neo will continue to be in strong demand, therefore, we are seizing the opportunity to secure an additional 35 aircraft to meet the future requirements of our customers.  The A320neo is the market’s favourite single-aisle aircraft family,” said Ahmad A. Alzabin, ALAFCO Chairman & CEO. “The significant fuel burn savings it offers, combined with the operational reliability and cost effectiveness of the A320 Family, make it an absolute “must have” in our portfolio.” 

“Higher fuel prices means airlines require fuel efficient aircraft and with the A320neo offering a 15 per cent fuel burn reduction, it is the ideal investment. The A320neo reduces operating costs whilst enabling airlines to offer the best cabin comfort levels,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers. “This significant order from ALFACO confirms that the neo ticks all the right boxes and is clearly the best product on the market.”

Over 8,300 A320 Family aircraft have already been ordered and some 5,000 delivered to more than 350 customers and operators worldwide reaffirming its position as the world’s best-selling single-aisle aircraft family. The A320neo has over 95 percent airframe commonality making it an easy fit into existing fleets while offering up to 500 nautical miles (950 kilometres) more range or two tonnes more payload at a given range.
The A320neo is a new engine option for the A320 Family entering into service from 2015 and incorporates latest generation engines and large "Sharklet" wing tip devices, which together will deliver 15 percent in fuel savings. This reduction in fuel burn is equivalent to 1.4m litres of fuel – the consumption of 1,000 mid size cars.  This saves 3,600 metric tonnes of C02 per aircraft per year, the amount absorbed by 240,000 mature trees. The A320neo NOx emissions are 50% below CAEP/6 and this aircraft also has considerably a smaller noise footprint.     

Airbus Updates No.625

Airbus A320 -232 1862   EI-EUG (Spanair) regd and ferried 14feb12 BIO-DUB, + 1497 EI-EUS ex EC-HXA MAD-DUB ex EC-IIZ
 Airbus A320 -232 1914   EI-EUH (Spanair) regd & ferried 14feb12 BCN-DUB, + 1933 EI-EUI ex EC-IMB ex EC-ILH

Airbus A320 -232 2479   EI-EUO (Spanair) regd & ferried 14feb12 MAD-PGF, + 2589 EI-EUP ex EC-JNC ex EC-JJD

Airbus A321 -231 1946   EI-EUJ (Spanair) regd and ferried 14feb12 MAD-PGF, + 1366 EI-EUD ex EC-HRG BCN-PGF ex EC-INB

Airbus A321 -231 5035   HL8255 Asiana delivery 14feb12 XFW-ESB ex D-AZAN
 Airbus A340 -313 235   N235KS Apollo Aviation at ATH 13feb12in basic OA cs, prior registration and delivery ex SX-DFA

Monday, 13 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.624

Thai Smile to launch operations on July 1 with Airbus A320 Aircraft, first route will be to Macau

February 12, 2012 — 

Thai Smile Air (subsidiary of Thai Airways International) (Bangkok) will launch operations on July 1 linking Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) with Macau with Airbus A320s. Four A320s will serve the new subsidiary flying from BKK also to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Kolkata, Jakarta, and Phnom Penh in the first year.
Previously the parent said this about the new brand:
“Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) will have a light-premium sub-brand, THAI Smile Air.
Responding to the high demand for more price-sensitive segment in short sectors, THAI is launching a “light premium” sub-brand that will service both domestic and international destinations.
In its first year of operations, using Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport as its main hub, THAI will introduce the sub-brand THAI Smile Air to replace the main brand in Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Chiang Rai, and Surat Thani.
The main target market for these initial in-country flights will be the young small and medium business traveler as well as local traveler, government agents, who wants a relaxed, stylish atmosphere on board without the premium price.
THAI Smile Air light premium service will offer a complimentary meal and drink service, free passenger seat selections, faster check-in procedures, 15-20 kg baggage allowances, and the ability to accrue frequent flyer mileage on both THAI and the Star Alliance network.
Just like THAI, which was rated in 2011 as the world’s 5 th best airline by Skytrax Surveys, “our new sub-brand promises to give passengers high value for a good price,” Woranate said.
By 2013, THAI Smile Air’s fleet of 11 brand new lean 174-seat Airbus A320 planes are expected to fly to neighboring countries—India, China, and most ASEAN member states of Southeast Asia—thereby making these regional destinations that much more accessible, with relative comfort and ease.”
In addition, Thai does not believe the new brand will be a conflict with low-cost subsidiary Nok Air since Nok Air only flies domestically out of Don Muang airport, while THAI Smile Air passengers will be able to connect to international flights out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Also, THAI Smile Air will fly to Khon Kaen and Chiang Rai, two destinations not covered by Nok Air.

Airbus Updates No.623

 Airbus A319 -111 3834   EK32007 Armavia ferried 10feb12 EVN-SNN on return to lessor ex D-AVYM
 Airbus A319 -115 5023   B-4090 China United delivery 13-14feb12 XFW-OVB-NAY ex D-AVYJ

Airbus A320 -214 1448   I-BIKC Alitalia ferried 11feb12 FCO-CHR for paint into new cs ex F-WWBV
 Airbus A320 -214 1457   I-BIKD Alitalia ferried 11feb12 OSR-FCO after paint into new cs ex F-WWDE
 Airbus A320 -214 1744   TS-INC Nouvelair in svc 11feb12 NBE-DUS-NBE after paint into all white at MPL ex F-WWBS
 Airbus A320 -214 1797   OO-SNC Brussels Airlines ferried 13feb12 PRG-DUB, D-reg, for paint ex D-ALTH

Airbus A320 -232 1998   EI-EUB ILFC Spanair cs, regd and ferried 13feb12 MAD-DUB ex EC-IOH

 Airbus A320 -232 2210   EI-EUA ILFC Spanair cs , regd and ferried 13feb12 MAD-SNN  ex EC-IYG
 Airbus A320 -214 4857   B-6871 China Eastern delivery 09feb12 ex TSN ex B-516L

 Airbus A321 -231 1276   EC-HPM (Spanair) ferried 13feb12 BCN-DUB after / for storage ex D-AVZO
 Airbus A321  -231 1953   TC-ATH AtlasJet ferried 13feb12 IST-BEY for paint  ex F-ORME
 Airbus A321 -211 5009   HZ-ASP Saudi Arabian delivery 11feb12 XFW-JED ex D-AZAK

Airbus A340 -313 450   OY-KBM SAS ferried 01feb12 SIN-CPH after paint into Star Alliance cs  ex F-WWJD

Friday, 10 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.622

 Airbus A300 -622RF 724   D-AEAP EAT Leipzig N-reg canx 02feb12, ferried 10feb12 DRS-SNN after conversion for paint ex N1724

 Airbus A300 -622RF 797   A6-NIN Maximus Air delivery 09feb12 DRS-AUH after conversion for paint  ex JA012D

 Airbus A320 -231 368   N368MX ACG Acquisitions ferried 09-10feb12 VCV-DSM-KEF-SAW on delivery to?  ex F-OHMA

Airbus A320 -232 1993   EI-ELN ACG Acquisitions ferried 10feb12 SNN-SEN, Avia Nova cs, after storage  ex G-TTOH

Airbus A320 -214 5001   VQ-BOA S7 Airlines delivery 08feb12 TLS-DME ex F-WWBM

Airbus A320 -214 5019   G-EZUL easyJet delivery 08feb12 XFW-LGW ex D-AXAH
 Airbus A320 -232 5027   VT-IEP IndiGo Airlines delivery 09feb12 XFW-DEL ex D-AXAJ
 Airbus A320 -232 5030   B-HSR Dragonair delivery 10-11feb12 XFW-AUH-HKG, all white  ex D-AXAK
 Airbus A321 -111 517   SX-BHT? Hermes Airlines to be transferred mar12 ex F-GYAP
 Airbus A321 -111 642   SX-BHS Hermes Airlines F-reg canx 31jan12, posn 10feb12 ORY-LYS, Air Méditerranée cs ex F-GYAO

Airbus A321 -231 5028   D-AIDQ Lufthansa delivery 10feb12 XFW-FRA ex D-AZAM

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.621

Japan's Skymark orders six A330-300s

Japan's Skymark Airlines has ordered six Airbus A330-300s that it will introduced into service from 2014.

The aircraft will allow it to expand its domestic and international route network, Skymark said in a statement.

Skymark placed a firm order for six Airbus A380s, its first widebody aircraft. in February 2011 and expects the deliveries to begin in the second half of 2014.

The airline operates a fleet of Boeing 737-800s mostly on domestic routes.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Airbus Updates No.620

Airbus A310 -304 565   CS-TEX HiFly at BRU 07feb12 all wh after paint at AUH ex F-WWCC

Airbus A320 -211 2061   JA203A ANA All Nippon seen painted all grey at HND 05feb12 prior delivery to? ex F-WWDC
Airbus A320 -214 5019   G-EZUL easyJet delivery 08feb12 XFW-LGW ex D-AXAH

Airbus A380 -841 82   9V-SKR Singapore Airlines delivery 08feb12 TLS-SIN ex F-WWSH