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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Airbus Updates No.806

Airbus A310  -304  519     TC-SGC  Saga Airlines  ferried 27sep12 IST-ESB-MHD after storage  ex VT-EVI
 Airbus A319  -114  1126     VP-BTN  S7 Airlines  ferried 28sep12 WOE-DME after paint into oneWorld cs   ex N307NB
 Airbus A319  -111  1753     EI-ETP  Rossiya Airlines  regd 27sep12, arrv LED 28sep12 on delivery  ex B-2339
 Airbus A319  -112  1808     OH-LVF  Finnair  feried 28sep12 HHEL-DUB, primer, on return to lessor  ex D-AVWG
 Airbus A319  -111  4837     HB-JYB  easyJet Switzerland  ferried 25sep12 LTN-GVA, re-regd 26sep12  ex G-EZGR
 Airbus A319  -112  5293     D-AIBJ  Lufthansa  delivery 28sep12 XFW-FRA  ex D-AVWA
 Airbus A320  -211  146     EC-GRH  Vueling  ferried 25sep12 BCN-MAD prior part-out & scrap  ex EC-FBR
 Airbus A320  -231  440     PT-MZN  TAM  ferried 18-19sep12 CNF-CCS-MIA-MCI for part-out & scrap   ex ZS-SHG
 Airbus A320  -214  533     EI-DDL  BBAM / Fly Leasing  seen painted all wh at DUB 25sep12 (+ 566 EI-ERV ex SP-IAB)  ex SP-IAA
 Airbus A320  -232  1368     PT-MZK  TAM  ferried 25-26sep12 VCP-CCS-MIA-VCV, all wh, to be regd N863AG  ex F-WWIJ
 Airbus A320  -214  2407     EC-JGM  Vueling  ferried 27sep12 DUS-BCN after wet-lease to XL Airways Germany  ex F-WWDC
 Airbus A320  -214  2665     9H-AEN  Air Malta  ferried 29sep12 OSR-MLA after paint into new livery  ex F-WWBN
 Airbus A320  -232  2676     SU-NMC  Nesma Airlines  delivery 25sep12 SEN-CAI  ex N676AG
 Airbus A320  -232  5201     HS-TXD  Thai Smile  delivery 29sep12 XFW-DXB-BKK  ex D-AXAU
 Airbus A320  -214  5264     B-LPF  Hong Kong Airlines  delivery 24-25sep12 TLS-AUH-HKG   ex F-WWIA
 Airbus A320  -214  5266     B-LPG  Hong Kong Airlines  delivery 24-25sep12 TLS-AUH-HKG   ex F-WWIB
 Airbus A320  -214  5276     A6-ANL  Air Arabia  delivery 27sep12 TLS-SHJ  ex F-WWIM
 Airbus A320  -214  5278     PR-ONK  Avianca Brasil  for delivery 01oct12 TLS-TFS-NAT  ex F-WWBB
 Airbus A320  -216  5283     HS-ABZ  Thai Air Asia  delivery 28sep12 TLS-SHJ-BKK  ex F-WWIH
 Airbus A320  -214  5289     G-EZWE  easyJet  delivery 28sep12 XFW-LGW  ex D-AXAL

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