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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Airbus Updates no.787

Incident: Thomas Cook A332 over Atlantic on Aug 28th 2012, hydraulic leak

A Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200, registration G-MLJL performing flight MT-134 from London Gatwick,EN (UK) to Holguin (Cuba), was enroute at FL390 over the Atlantic Ocean at about N40 W40 about 3 hours into the crossing when the crew decided to turn around and return to London Gatwick reporting they were losing hydraulic fluid. On the way back the crew reported the failure of the hydraulic system. The aircraft landed safely on Gatwick's runway 26L about 4 hours after turning around and about 8 hours after departure.
Incident: PAL A320 at Tacloban on Aug 29th 2012, bird strike

A PAL Philippine Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration RP-C8615 performing flight PR-191 from Manila to Tacloban (Philippines) with 94 people on board, was touching down on Tacloban's runway 18 when a flock of wild ducks did not manage to duck away from the engines and several birds were ingested by one of the engines (CFM56). The aircraft rolled out safely.

A runway inspection needed to remove a number of dead ducks from the runway.

The airline said the aircraft sustained damage to fan blades of an engine causing the return flight PR-192 to be cancelled.
Incident: Vueling A320 near Amsterdam on Aug 29th 2012, intermittent loss comm

A Vueling Airbus A320-200, registration EC-LML performing flight VY-8366 from Malaga,SP (Spain) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) with 183 people on board, was descending towards Amsterdam and was about to be handed off from Belgium to Dutch control when the radio contact with Dutch air traffic control frequencies was intermittently lost prompting two fighter aircraft to be dispatched with the alert the aircraft might have been hijacked. The fighter aircraft escorted the aircraft to Amsterdam, where the aircraft landed safely on Amsterdam's 18R and stopped on a taxiway near the runway, where security forces surrounded the aircraft. Following landing communication with the crew was fully restored, the crew reported no security problem on board.

Confusion arose when Dutch military initially confirmed a possible hijack of the aircraft. Later the military confirmed the fighter aircraft were dispatched because of loss of communication on hand off from Belgium to Netherlands.

Passengers reported the situation on board was normal all time. They were kept on the aircraft for about 4 hours after landing.

The airline confirmed an intermittent loss of communication but said there was no other issue. The intermittent loss of communication obviously prompted Dutch air traffic controllers to assume a security problem on board of the aircraft and to issue relevant alerts. The crew is currently being interviewed how and why the communication with ATC was lost.

Incident: Wizz A320 at Gdansk on Aug 29th 2012, bird strike
A Wizz Air Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LPR performing flight W6-1739 from Gdansk (Poland) to Malmo (Sweden), was climbing out of Gdansk's runway 11 when a bird collided with the aircraft prompting the crew to level off at 5000 feet and return to Gdansk for a safe landing on runway 11 about 15 minutes after departure.

A replacement Airbus A320-200 registration HA-LWD reached Malmo with a delay of 2.5 hours.
Incident: Jet Airways A332 near Amritsar on Aug 29th 2012, medical emergency

A Jet Airways Airbus A330-200, registration VT-JWE performing flight 9W-141 (dep Aug 28th) from Milan Malpensa (Italy) to New Delhi (India), was enroute near Amritsar (India) when a girl (3), travelling with her parents and brother, started badly vomiting and stopped breathing. While cabin crew provided first aid the flight crew diverted the aircraft to Amritsar for a safe landing. The girl and family were taken to a hospital, the girl however was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The aircraft reached New Delhi with a delay of 2 hours.
Incident: Shenzhen A320 near Wuhan on Aug 30th 2012, threatening message

A Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration B-6312 performing flight ZH-9706 from Xiangfan to Shenzhen (China), was about 45 minutes into the flight when a threatening message was received prompting the crew to divert the aircraft to Wuhan (China) for a safe landing.

The airline reported a threatening message against the aircraft was received, the aircraft diverted to Wuhan. The passengers were taken to hotels over night.

Passengers weibed (reported on China's Weibo service similiar to Twitter) the captain told them a message indicating explosives on board had been received. The aircraft diverted to Wuhan and was searched for explosives, they had all to collect their luggage and have the luggage and all personal belongings searched for explosives, too. 

Incident: Iberia A343 near Montevideo on Aug 30th 2012, electrical problem

An Iberia Airbus A340-300, registration EC-GGS performing flight IB-6012 from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Madrid,SP (Spain) with 280 passengers, was climbing out of Montevideo when the crew stopped the climb at FL250 reporting electrical problems and entered a hold for about 90 minutes. The aircraft returned to Montevideo for a safe landing on runway 24 about 165 minutes after departure.

The flight was postponed to the next day, the incident aircraft just departed with a delay of 24 hours.

Airport sources reported the crew did not request assistance, dumped fuel over Rio de la Plata and returned for a safe landing following an electrical fault on board.

Incident: PIA A313 near Quetta on Aug 31st 2012, generator failure

A PIA Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A310-300, registration AP-BGS performing flight PK-206 from Kuwait (Kuwait) to Lahore (Pakistan) with 160 passengers, was enroute near Quetta (Pakistan) when the crew decided to divert to Quetta due to a generator failure (engine PW4156). The aircraft landed safely.


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