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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Airbus Updates No.791

Another glimpse back into the past with another log provided by John Spencer (who is fast becoming the blogs and my very own Historian)....

this time we go back to the 2nd March 2006 and a trip to Hamburg...................

DAVYT/GEZAF                                   A319                                      2715                       EZY

DAVXJ/N516NK                                 A319                                      2704                       SPIRIT

DAVYI/GEZAE                                    A319                                      2709                       EZY

DAVXG/GEZAG                                  A319                                      2727                       EZY

DAVWC/GDBCI                                  A319                                      2720                       BMI

FWWIZ/N634JB                                 A320                                      2710                       JET BLUE

DAVXL/B6222                                    A319                                      2733                       CAPITAL

DAVXN/TCJLM                                   A319                                      2738                       THY

DAVXP/GEZAJ                                    A319                                      2742                       EZY

DAVYB/VPBEX                                   A319                                      2706                       SONAIR

DAVYP/VPBEY                                   A319                                      2675                       SONAIR **

DAVZO/CNROF                                 A321                                      2726                       RAM

DAVWE/N519NK                              A319                                      2723                       SPIRIT

DAVYZ/N518NK                                A319                                      2718                       SPIRIT

DAVYL/B6221                                    A319                                      2746                       HAINAN

DAVZB/JYAYG                                    A321                                      2730                       ALIA

DAVZJ/ECJQZ                                      A321                                      2736                       IB

FWWAF/N172UP                               A300                                      867                         UPS

FWWAG/N173UP                              A300                                      868                         UPS

DAUAB/FGUGM                                A318                                      2750                       AF

DAVWD/N945FR                              A318                                      2751                       FRONTIER

DAVWB/N3618F                               A318                                      2748                      

FWWAL                                              A300                                      872

DAVXQ/GEZAK                                  A319                                      2744                       EZY

DAVXO/TCJLN                                   A319                                      2739                       THY

DAVXM/GEZAI                                  A319                                      2735                       EZY

FGKXL                                                 A320                                      2705

FWWBD/B6278                                 A320                                      2714                       CHINA SOUTHERN

DAVZF/FGYAJ                                    A321                                      2707                      

DAVYM/N517NK                              A319                                      2711                       SPIRIT


**Also carried DAIJO!!!!

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