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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Airbus Updates No.182

DHL Air Cargo have purchased 13 former Japan Airlines A300 aircraft and are currently in the process of converting them to freighters....they will be phased into the DHL operation as soon as they are available and the first five are rumoured to be replacing 5 of the older A300's already in DHL's fleet..

All aircraft will be operated by EAT leipzig and be placed on the German Register as detailed below

D-AEAG (621 ex JA8377)
D-AEAI (637 ex JA8558, N3740)
D-AEAJ (641 ex JA8559, N5641)
D-AEAK (670 ex JA8561)
D-AEAL (679 ex JA8562)
D-AEAM (683 ex JA8563)
D-AEAN (703 ex JA8564)
D-AEAO (711 ex JA8565, N7151)
D-AEAP (724 ex JA8527, N1724)
D-AEAQ (729 ex JA8529, N3729)
D-AEAR (730 ex JA8566, N1740)
D-AEAS (737 ex JA8573)
D-AEAT (740 ex JA8574, EI-EOT, N3637)

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