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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Airbus Updates No.180

Incident: Emirates A388 over Black Sea on Apr 13th 2011, medical emergency

By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Apr 13th 2011 14:05Z, last updated Wednesday, Apr 13th 2011 16:05Z
An Emirates Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDK performing flight EK-17 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Manchester,EN (UK), was enroute at FL380 over the Black Sea north of Istanbul (Turkey) when a female passenger (47) suffered symptoms of a stroke. The crew turned the aircraft south heading towards Izmir (Turkey) before turning west and diverting to Athens (Greece) for a safe landing on runway 21L about 50 minutes later. The patient was taken to a hospital.

The aircraft departed Athens after about 2 hours on the ground and reached Manchester with a delay of 3:40 hours.

A6-EDK at Athens (Photo:
Konstantin Zervos):

Incident: Air France A332 at Caracas on Apr 13th 2011, unsafe gear after departure
By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Apr 14th 2011 07:29Z, last updated Thursday, Apr 14th 2011 18:06Z
An Air France Airbus A330-200, registration F-GZCB performing flight AF-471 from Caracas (Venezuela) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) with 207 passengers, could not fully retract the landing gear after departure from Caracas due to a hydraulic problem. The airplane entered a holding to troubleshoot the problem, after about 25 minutes the crew declared emergency however. The aircraft burned off fuel before landing safely on Caracas' runway 10 almost 3 hours after departure.
Incident: Cebu Pacific A320 near Manila on Apr 14th 2011, medical emergency
By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Apr 15th 2011 09:18Z, last updated Friday, Apr 15th 2011 09:18Z
A Cebu Pacific Airbus A320-200, registration RP-C3260 performing flight 5J-995 from Manila to General Santos (Philippines), was about 30 minutes into the flight when a female passenger (72) suffering from high blood pressure fainted and was unresponsive for about 5 minutes. A doctor on board provided first aid and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for about 10 minutes while the crew turned around and returned to Manila for a safe landing. The patient was taken to a hospital.

The airplane reached General Santos with a delay of 3 hours.
Incident: Avianova A320 at Ulyanovsk on Apr 15th 2011, flaps problem
By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Apr 15th 2011 17:13Z, last updated Friday, Apr 15th 2011 17:13Z
An Avianova Airbus A320-200, registration EI-ELE performing flight AO-222 from Ulyanovsk to Sochi (Russia) with 136 people on board, could not retract the flaps after departure from Ulyanovsk and returned to Ulyanovsk for a safe landing about 40 minutes after departure.

A replacement Airbus A320-200 registration EI-EEI reached Sochi with a delay of 4.5 hours.

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