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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Airbus Updates No.1816

Airbus A321  -211  3334    LY-VED  Avion Express  regd mid-apr18 prior delivery ex KUN on wet-lease to Thomas Cook Airlines  ex VP-BUP
 Airbus A321  -211  3708    G-  Titan Airways  for delivery apr18 ex DUS  ex OE-LCA
 Airbus A321  -211  3749    G-  Titan Airways  air-test at DUS 17apr18, OE-reg prior delivery & paint  ex OE-LCB
 Airbus A321  -231  6009    N805AV  Avianca Holdings  delivery 12-13apr18 TPE-GUM-HNL-TUS  ex B-22608
 Airbus A321  -211  7260    CC-BER  Latam Chile  onward delivery 12-14apr18 AUH-ATH-LPA-REC-SCL, stil in Air Berlin cs  ex OE-IFY
 Airbus A321  -271N  7941    N534VL  Volaris  delivery 14apr18 XFW-KEF-BGR-MEX  ex D-AVZI
 Airbus A321  -251N  8145    OY-PAA  Primera Air  delivery 17apr18 XFW-CPH-BLL-RIX  ex D-AZAK
 Airbus A321  -211  8171    N344DN  Delta Air Lines  delivery 13apr18 BFM-MCI  ex F-WZMN
 Airbus A321  -231  8223    B-300F  Capital Airlines  delivery 13apr18 XFW-TSE  ex D-AVXO
 Airbus A321  -231  8236    G-WKUG  Wizz Air UK  delivery 13apr18 XFW-BUD  ex D-AVXT
 Airbus A330  -243  427    C-GTSI  Air Transat  in svc 14apr18 YYZ-FCO, for paint  ex G-OJMB
 Airbus A330  -203  535    OE-IFW  SMBC Aviation Capital  ferried 13apr18 LDE-DUB for paint into?  ex VP-BDV
 Airbus A330  -202  571    EI-GFX  Air Italy  at DUB 15apr18 in full cs prior delivery  ex A7-ACE
 Airbus A330  -243  971    C-GTSZ  Air Transat  erried / in svc 14apr18 DUS-FCO-YYZ after wet-lease to Condor  ex XA-MXQ
 Airbus A330  -343  1868    B-  China Eastern  delivery 17ar18 TLS-TSN, F-reg, for cabin config & paint  ex F-WWYQ
 Airbus A350  -941  199    N509DN  Delta Air Lines  delivery 13apr18 TLS-ATL  ex F-WZFH

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