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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Airbus Updates No.961


By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Mar 29th 2013 22:54Z,

 last updated Saturday, Mar 30th 2013 15:25Z

A Hermes Airlines Airbus A321-100 on behalf of Air Mediterranee, registration SX-BHS performing flight ML-7817 from Agadir (Morocco) to Lyon (France) with 174 passengers and 7 crew, overran the end of the runway 36R while landing at Lyon at about 20:50L (19:50Z) and came to a stop just before the localizer antenna about 300 meters past the runway end with all gear on soft ground. No injuries are being reported. The aircraft sustained no visible damage but needs a good wash (and it is likely the engines ingested dirt).

The airport was closed for about 2.5 hours. The aircraft is estimated to be removed the following day, the runway remains closed until the aircraft has been towed to the apron.

The airport confirmed the aircraft overran the end of runway B by about 300 meters while landing in thick fog and got stuck in deep mud. Heavy equipment will be needed to move the aircraft back onto paved surface.

The French BEA have opened an investigation.

Related NOTAMs:
A1732/13 - RWY 18L/36R CLOSED. 29 MAR 22:11 2013 UNTIL 30 MAR 11:00 2013. CREATED: 29 MAR 22:11 2013

A1731/13 AERODROME CLOSED DUE TO RWY EXCURSION OF AN ACFT. 29 MAR 20:02 2013 UNTIL 29 MAR 23:59 2013. CREATED: 29 MAR 20:09 2013 (withdrawn by 22:20Z)

LFLL 292130Z 00000KT 0050 R36L/0750U R18R/0300N R36R/0600U R18L/0400N FG VV/// 07/07 Q1003 NOSIG
LFLL 292100Z VRB03KT 0100 R36L/0650U R18R/0550N R36R/0650U R18L/0375N FG VV/// 07/07 Q1003 NOSIG
LFLL 292030Z 13005KT 2000 R18R/1100VP2000D MIFG SCT002 BKN060 08/07 Q1003 NOSIG
LFLL 292000Z 13006KT 090V180 2000 BR FEW002 SCT009 BKN066 08/08 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291930Z VRB03KT 1100 R36L/1700D R18R/2000N R36R/1800D R18L/P2000 -RA BR BKN001 BKN066 08/08 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291900Z VRB01KT 0800 R36L/P2000 R18R/1800U R36R/P2000 R18L/0800VP2000D -RA FG SCT002 BKN018 BKN066 08/07 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291830Z 08005KT 2000 -RA BR SCT003 BKN020 BKN046 08/07 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291800Z 34005KT 2000 -RA BR BKN004 BKN018 OVC043 08/08 Q1005 NOSIG
LFLL 291730Z VRB01KT 5000 -DZ SCT007 OVC052 09/08 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291700Z 00000KT 5000 BKN006 OVC056 09/07 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291630Z 10002KT 5000 BKN006 OVC056 09/07 Q1004 NOSIG
LFLL 291600Z 00000KT 5000 FEW008 SCT015 BKN050 08/07 Q1004 NOSIG

SX-BHS the next day:
SX-BHS the next day

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):
Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)

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