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Friday, 31 August 2012

Airbus Updates No.781

Time of the week to look back through the archives and below is a log from Hamburg provided again by John Spencer this time from 7th Dec 2005........

Mexicana, Kingfisher, America West ..........all now blasts from the past

XFW  071205
FWXXL                                               A380                      002
DAVWJ/RPC3192                              A319                      2638                       CEBU
DAVWL/N377NB                              A319                      2641                       NW
DAVWH/GEZIY                                  A319                      2636                       EZ
ECJNI                                                  A321                      2270                       IB
DAVXR/B6215                                    A319                      2611                       HAINAN
DAVYC/N376NB                               A319                      2618                       JB
DAVYT/N510NK                               A319                      2622                       SPIRIT
FWWDX/N680AW                            A320                      2630                       AMERICA WEST
DAVWD/TCOGU                               A319                      2631                       ATLAS
DAVWG/VTKFI                                  A319                      2634                       KINGFISHER
DAVWH/GEZIY                                  A319                      2636                       EZ
DAVWK/B2300                                  A319                      2639                       SICHUAN
DAVWO/B6216                                 A319                      2643                       AIR CHINA
DAVWP/B6199                                  A319                      2644                       HAINAN
DAVWQ/GEZIZ                                  A319                      2646                       EZ
DAIJO/VPBEY                                     A319                      2675
DAVWT/PKVYA                                 A319                      2648                       BATAVIA
DAVYA/VTVJM                                 A319                      2650                       KINGFISHER
DAVZC/GMEDL                                 A321                      2653                       BM
DAVYJ/TCOGU                                  A319                      2655                       ATLAS
DAVYS/N511NK                                A319                      2659                       SPIRIT
DAVWU/PKYVL                                 A319                      2660                       BATAVIA
DAVWV/XAVER                                 A319                      2662                       MEXICANA
DAVWW/VTKFJ                                 A319                      2664                       KINGFISHER
DAVWX/N494TA                              A319                      2666                       TACA
DAVYG/B6219                                   A319                      2667                       CHINA SOUTHERN
FWWDZ/EIDES                                  A320                      2635                       AER LINGUS
DAVYO/N512NK                               A319                      2673                       SPIRIT
DAVYH/N839AW                              A319                      2669                       AMERICA WEST
FWWDY/9MAFB                               A320                      2633                       AIR ASIA
FWWBX/B6255                                  A320                      2637                       CHINA SOUTHERN
DAVYK/B6196                                    A319                      2672                       SHENZEN

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