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Friday, 24 August 2012

Airbus Updates No.772

Incident: TAP A320 at Faro on Aug 19th 2012, bird strike

A TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320-200, registration CS-TNK performing flight TP-1900 from Faro to Lisbon (Portugal), was climbing out of Faro's runway 28 when the crew levelled off at 3000 feet reporting a bird strike and returned to Faro for a safe landing on runway 28 about 12 minutes after departure.

The flight was cancelled.

The incident aircraft resumed service about 30 hours after landing.
Airbus A320-214 aircraft picture

Incident: Easyjet A319 at London on Aug 17th 2012, bird strike

An Easyjet Airbus A319-100, registration G-EZDX performing flight U2-15 from London Luton,EN to Edinburgh,SC (UK) with 156 people on board, was climbing out of Luton's runway 26 when the aircraft flew through a flock of birds and ingested a number of birds into an engine (CFM56). The aircraft levelled off at FL050 and returned to Luton for a safe landing on runway 26 about 17 minutes after departure.

A replacement Airbus A320-200 registration G-EZUU reached Edinburgh with a delay of 2.5 hours.

The incident aircraft returned to service 17 hours after landing.
Airbus A319-111 aircraft picture

Incident: Etihad A346 near Sofia on Aug 19th 2012, loss of cabin pressure

An Etihad Airbus A340-600, registration A6-EHE performing flight EY-38 from Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) with 250 people on board, was enroute at FL390 about 80nm east of Sofia (Bulgaria) when the crew initiated an emergency descent to FL120 reached FL120 7 minutes later (average rate of descent 3800 fpm). The crew subsequently turned south and diverted to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, located 130nm south of their position, for a safe landing on runway 35R about 50 minutes after leaving FL390.

The passengers were taken to hotels over night.

The next day's planned rotation EY-97/EY-96 to Istanbul was upgraded to an Airbus A340-500 registration A6-EHA to take the passengers of EY-38 to Abu Dhabi. The passengers from Paris reached Abu Dhabi with a delay of 13 hours.

The incident aircraft was able to return to Abu Dhabi departing Istanbul about 14 hours after landing and reached FL410 during the positioning flight.

Airbus A340-642X aircraft picture

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