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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Airbus Updates no.667

Airbus A319  -111  2442     CC-AFY  Sky Airline  mx flt at SEN 23mar12, all wh, G-reg prior delivery  ex G-EZID
Airbus A320  -232  1749     EC-LQL  Vueling  for delivery 30mar12 DUB-BCN   ex EC-EUF
Airbus A320  -232  1979     EC-LQJ  Vueling  delivery 22mar12 DUB-BCN, EI-reg  ex EI-EUK
 Airbus A320  -232  2168     EC-LQN  Vueling  for delivery 27mar12 DUB-BCN  ex EI-EUM
 Airbus A320  -232  2223     EC-LQM  Vueling  for delivery 30mar12 DUB-BCN   ex EI-EUN
 Airbus A320  -214  2278     VP-BBQ  Ural Airlines  delivery 19mar12 BEY-SVX   ex A6-ABC
Airbus A320  -232  2502     OE-IBH**  AerCap  ferried 23mar12 DUB-WOE, Kingfisher cs   ex VT-KFD
 Airbus A320  -232  2589     EC-LQK  Vueling  delivery 23mar12 DUB-BCN, EI-reg  ex EI-EUP
Airbus A320  -214  3246     SU-AAC  Air Arabia Egypt  ferried 18mar12 SHJ-HBE on transfer  ex A6-ABM
Airbus A320  -214  5067     RP-C3238  Cebu Pacific  delivery 23mar12 TLS-AAN-MNL  ex F-WWBX
Airbus A320  -214  5069     HB-JLS  Swiss International  delivery 23mar12 TLS-ZRH  ex F-WWDC
Airbus A340  -313  302     EC-HDQ  Iberia  to be ferried 23mar12 MAD-BOD after storage on return to lessor   ex F-WWJU

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