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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Airbus Updates No.660

Airbus A320  -231  357     N567BB  BBAM / Fly Leasing  ferried 20mar12 DHN-GYR for onward storage  ex XA-UCZ
 Airbus A320  -212  420     LX-STC  Strategic Airlines  ferried 20mar12 EGBP-MAN after interim storage  ex F-GSTS
Airbus A320  -232  1749     EI-EUF  ILFC  painted all wh at DUB from 18mar12  ex EC-IEJ
 Airbus A320  -232  1979     EC-  Vueling  in full at DUB 17mar12 after paint, EI-reg  ex EI-EUK
 Airbus A320  -211  2061     JA203A  ANA - All Nippon  ferried 19-20mar12 HND-ANC-VCV, all grey for storage   ex F-WWDC
Airbus A320  -232  2589     EC-  Vueling  in full at DUB 18mar12 after paint, EI-reg  ex EI-EUP
 Airbus A320  -214  4463     F-H  CCM Air Corsica  for delivery mid apr11 ex MUC after paint at DUB   ex D-ABFL
 Airbus A320  -214  4478     F-H  CCM Air Corsica  last AB svc 04mar12, for delivery early apr11 ex MUC after paint at DUB   ex D-ABFM
 Airbus A320  -214  5031     VQ-BRD  S7 Airlines  delivery 19mar12 TLS-DME  ex F-WWBE
 Airbus A320  -232  5055     B-22316  Transasia Airways  delivery 17mar12 TLS-AUH  ex F-WWBS
 Airbus A320  -233  5068     N685TA  TACA  delivery 20mar12 XFW-KEF-YYZ-SJO   ex D-AUBF
Airbus A330  -223  249     OO-SFZ  Brussels Airlines  delivery 19mar12 ZRH-BRU  ex HB-IQC
Airbus A330  -223  288     D-ABXA  Air Berlin  in svc 17mar12 LRM-MUC, OneWorld decals applied, to be ferried 20mar12 MUC-SXF for presentation  ex HB-IQH
 Airbus A330  -223  891     VT-VJL  Kingfisher Airlines  ferried by lessor 20mar12 BOM-BOD  ex F-WWYO
 Airbus A330  -223  927     VT-VJN  Kingfisher Airlines  ferried by lessor 20mar12 LHR-BOD  ex F-WKE
 Airbus A330  -303  1294     PH-AKB  KLM  delivery 20mar12 TLS-AMS “Piazza Navona – Roma”   ex F-WWKK
 Airbus A330  -343  1298     TC-JNO  Turkish Airlines  delivery 16mar12 TLS-IST  ex F-WWKG

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