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Friday, 4 November 2011

Airbus Updates No.497

Listed below all Airbus A320 aircraft that have been written off.............

F-GFKCAirbus A320-1109cfm56-5A1Air France1987
dd 6/26/88, crashed in MLH during low level demonstration flight 6/26/88 - descended below its planned 100ft altitude and loss of altitude and airspeed while in excessive pitch caused the airplane to stall. 3 people died.

F-GGEDAirbus A320-21115cfm56-5A1Air Inter1988
dd 12/22/88, crashed 1/20/92 SXB - flew into ground while attempting approach in thick fog. 87 people died

VT-EPNAirbus A320-23179V2500-A1Indian Airlines1989JPGM
dd 12/23/89, crashed while landing in Bangalore, India 2/14/90

N635AWAirbus A320-23192V2500-A11989
rg 03/18/03 Memphis Group Inc Memphis TN, canx 05/19/03A85064

D-AIPNAirbus A320-211105cfm56-5A1Lufthansa1990
dd 4/10/90, flight crashed during approach to WAW 9/14/93 - ran out of runway while landing in wind shear conditions Airplane computer did not unlock spoilers and reverse thrusts until all wheels struts were compressed Because airplane could not get all wheels on ground until it was 5000ft from the threshold, it ran out of runway 2 people died

4R-ABAAirbus A320-231374V2500-A1Air Lanka (Boullioun Aviation Services)1992EMBD
dd 12/18/92, destroyed during rebel attack 6/21/01 on Colombo Airport

EK-32001Airbus A320-212397cfm56-5A3Armenian International Airways1993
w/o 5/5/06 Brussels BRU damaged beyond repair in hangar fire

F-OHMDAirbus A320-231433V2500-A1Mexicana1993EFCR
dd 3/15/94 DEBI, burned 3/11/00 MMMT because ground personel failed to disconnect fuel hose after refueling

A4O-EKAirbus A320-212481cfm56-5A3Gulf Air1994EJKP
dd 9/29/94, flight crashed into the Persian Gulf on 8/23/00. All 143 souls aboard perished. Flight GF072 from Cairo came down shortly before landing in. According to an air traffic controller at Bahrain airport, the jet circled the runway twice in an attempt to land, then on the third attempt plunged into the sea and exploded in flames

A4O-EMAirbus A320-212536cfm56-5A3Gulf Air1995
dd 6/27/95 crashed as Gulf Air flight in Abu Dhabi 3/10/97 on aborted takeoff

EK-32009Airbus A320-211547cfm56-5A1Armavia1995
dd 2/6/04 - wo 5/3/06 plunged into Black Sea near Adler in bad weather 113(113)

RP-C3222Airbus A320-214708cfm56-5B4/PPhilippine Airlines1997
dd 8/21/97, crashed while landing in BCD 3/22/98 3 people died on the ground, everybody aboard the airplane survived

PR-MBKAirbus A320-233789V2527E-A5TAM Linhas Aereas1998
dd 1/8/07 - w/o 7/17/07 SBSP overran on landing in rain, spoilers failed and one engine had reverse thrust disconected. Airplane hit building at the end of runway and burned

EC-HJKAirbus A320-2141278cfm56-5B4/PIberia2000
dd 8/9/00, crashed 2/7/01 Bilbao, Spain

EI-TAFAirbus A320-2331374V2527E-A5TACA International Airlines2001
w/o 5/30/08 TGU overran runway on landing 5/130

D-AXLAAirbus A320-2322500V2527-A5Air New Zealand2005
dd 11/27/08 - crashed in the sea off PGF 11/27/08 during flight test or training (7 fatalities) ZK-OJL ntu

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