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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Airbus Updates No.1581

Airbus A319 -111 1841   VP-BNN Rossiya Airlines ferried 19jan17 DUB-WOE after paint into new cs ex N914FR
 Airbus A319 -132 2718   N1235V Veca Airlines last svc 16jan17 SAL-SJO-SAL prior return to lessor  ex 5B-DCF
 Airbus A319 -112 3604   HB-IOX Belair Airlines ferried 21jan17 ZRH-AUH prior delivery to? ex D-ABGM
 Airbus A319 -112 3865   D-ABGS Air Berlin ferried 21jan17 FCO-DUS after paint into Eurowings cs  ex SP-IBA
 Airbus A320 -214 2902   D-ABHH Air Berlin first in svc 20jan17 DUS-SZG-DUS, still with Niki titles  ex OE-LEU
 Airbus A320 -214 4606   OE-LED flyNiki ferried 21jan17 VIE-SNN for paint into Eurowings cs prior transfer to Air Berlin  ex D-ABFP
 Airbus A320 -214 6993   B-8442 Qingdao Airlines delivery 18jan17 TSN-TAO ex B-000T
 Airbus A320 -214 6995   B-8430 Qingdao Airlines delivery 19-20jan17 TLS-TSE-TSN ex F-WHUE
 Airbus A320 -214 7224   XU-998 JC International Airlines ferried 20jan17 MAN-SXF, D-reg after paint prior delivery  ex D-ABNZ
 Airbus A320 -214 7385   B-8817 Spring Airlines delivery 20jan17 TSN-PVG ex B-000L
 Airbus A320 -251N 7409   PR-YRF Azul Linhas Aéreas  delivery 19jan17 TLS-SID-CNF ex F-WWBN
 Airbus A320 -214 7474   XU- JC International Airlines  ferried 22jan17 MAN-SXF, D-reg after paint prior delivery ex D-ABHE
 Airbus A320 -214 75513   D-AEWU Eurowings for delivery 23jan17 XFW-DUS ex D-AVVW
 Airbus A321 -131 518   D-AIRM Lufthansa ferried 20jan17 SNN-FRA after interim storage  ex D-AVZT
 Airbus A321 -211 677   9Q-DSB CAA - Compagnie Africaine d´Aviation ferried 16/18jan17 FIH-COO-MPL  ex 2-RLAF
 Airbus A321 -211 6432   D-ABCM Air Berlin last svc 17jan17 MUC-TXL-MUC prior transfer to flyNiki as OE-LCM  ex D-AZAU
 Airbus A321 -211 6501   D-ABCO Air Berlin Air Düsseldorf titl removed 21/22jan17 at DUS prior transfer to flyNiki as OE-LCO  ex D-AVZV
 Airbus A321 -211 6726   VP-BEE Aeroflot delivery 19jan17 MPL-SVO ex EI-LED
 Airbus A321 -231 7229   B-8457 Juneyao Airlines delivery 18-19jan17 XFW-TSE-PVG-SHA  ex D-AZAT
 Airbus A321 -231 7303   B-8458 Juneyao Airlines delivery 20-21jan17 XFW-TSE-PVG  ex D-AVYH
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