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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Airbus Updates No.1473

Airbus A310 -203(F) 364  N429FE FedEx ferried 25feb16 ONT-VCV for part-out ex PH-AGI
 Airbus A310 -304(F) 490  JY-AGR Royal Jordanian Cargo last svc 27feb16 AMM-EBL-AMM prior retirement ex F-ODVG
 Airbus A310 -324(F) 452  N810FD FedEx ferried 29feb16 MEM-VCV for part-out ex F-OHPY
 Airbus A319 -112 2066  TU-TS? Air Côte d´Ivoire N-reg canx 25feb16, delivery 27feb16 MPL-ABJ ex N992TA
 Airbus A319 -111 2243  VP-BWL Aurora ferried 29feb16 VVO-OVB-NWI for paint into? ex D-AVWV
 Airbus A319 -115 6836  B-8379 China Eastern delivery 27feb16 TSN-PVG ex B-000W
 Airbus A320 -212 671  5Y-JZX Jubba Airways Kenya ferried 02mar16 OSR-VIN after paint prior delivery ex UR-CME
 Airbus A320 -214 1087  LZ-BHF BH Air ferried 28-29feb16 SOF-AMD-SGN on wet-lease to VietJetAir ex EC-HDN
 Airbus A320 -233 1823  YL-LCP smartLynx Airlines ferried 28feb16 HAN-AMD-RKT-RIX after wet-lease to VietJetAir ex EI-EZS
 Airbus A320 -232 2108  VT-IDQ IndiGo Airlines delivery 27-28feb16 SNN-SAW-DEL, M-reg ex M-ABIX
 Airbus A320 -214 2180  F-HFUL Aigle Azur ferried 26feb16 OSR-PRG, OK-reg after paint prior delivery ex OK-HCB
 Airbus A320 -214 2325  CS-TKQ Azores Airlines ferried 29feb-01mar16 YMX-YYT-LIS-NWI, all white for paint ex EI-FMD
 Airbus A320 -232 2844  LZ-BHG BH Air ferried 01mar16 SGN-AMD-SOF after wet-lease to VietJetAir ex VT-INA
 Airbus A320 -232 3402  M-YKDA First Manx Avn Holdings ferried 27feb16 DMM-FJR for interim storage ex VP-CSS
 Airbus A320 -232 6882  B-8337 Air China delivery 25feb16 TSN-HGH ex B-000T
 Airbus A320 -214 6963  VP-BJY Aeroflot delivery 02mar16 TLS-SVO ex F-WWBG
 Airbus A320 -232 6978  T7-MRE MEA Middle East delivery 02mar16 TLS-BEY ex F-WWBM
 Airbus A320 -214 6985  D-AIUR Lufthansa delivery 29feb16 XFW-FRA ex D-AUBQ
 Airbus A321 -231 2211  YL- smartLynx Airlines ferried 29feb16 GOT-WOE, SE-reg prior delivery apr15, to be ops for Thomas Cook Airlines ex SE-RDN
 Airbus A321 -211 5681  TF-KID Wow Air delivery 25feb16 LJU-KEF after cabin mods and paint ex VP-BPS

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