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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Airbus Updates No.1373

Airbus A300 -605R(F) 763  B-2330 Uni-Top Airlines delivery 27jul15 DRS-TSE after freighter conversion ex F-WWAH
 Airbus A300 -622R 784  HS-TAW Thai International ferried 24-26jul15 BKK-ICN-ANC-ROW for part-out & scrap ex F-WWAL
 Airbus A319 -115ACJ 4228  VP-CIA Aviation Link ferried 25jul15 FAB-TSE-HKG on delivery to? ex F-WBGU
 Airbus A319 -115 6603  B-6478 Air China delivery 28jul15 TSN-CTU ex B-000C
 Airbus A320 -212 445  UR-CMK Yan Air ferried 26/29jul15 KBL-IEV-SAW-BUD-RKT-KBL during wet-lease to Kam Air 200
 Airbus A320 -214 706  N225NV Allegiant Air ferried 20jul15 MNL-HKG in Philippine cs, regd 23jul15 prior delivery ex RP-C3221
 Airbus A320 -216 3295  D-ABZJ Air Berlin delivery 25jul15 FCO-DUB, EI-reg for paint ex EI-DSJ
 Airbus A320 -216 3362  9Q-CLU Congo Airways delivery 29-30jul15 DUB-CMN-FIH ex EI-DSM
 Airbus A320 -232 5352  B-MCB Air Macau delivery 23jul15 CTU-MFM ex B-6960
 Airbus A320 -214 6636  D-AIUO germanwings delivery 30jul15 SNN-DUS after paint ex D-AVVV
 Airbus A320 -214 6689  PR-OCQ Avianca Brazil delivery 29-30jul15 TLS-SID-GIG, Star Alliance cs ex F-WWIS
 Airbus A320 -214 6695  PK-LAO Batik Air delivery 28-29jul15 XFW-AZI-SIN-CGK ex F-WWIZ
 Airbus A320 -233 6705  N527VL Volaris delivery 28jul15 XFW-KEF-BGR-MEX ex D-AXAB
 Airbus A320 -214 6713  B-8326 Sichuan Airlines delivery 30jul15 XFW-TSE ex D-AXAC
 Airbus A321 -211 6678  EI-VKO Transaero onward delivery 28jul15 BTS-VKO after partial repaint ex D-AVZG
 Airbus A321 -211 6698  CC-BEE Lan Airlines delivery 29-30jul15 XFW-LPA-REC-SCL ex D-AVZP
 Airbus A321 -231 6703  B-8328 Sichuan Airlines delivery 27-28jul15 XFW-TSE-CTU ex D-AVZR
 Airbus A321 -211 6707  B-16219 Eva Air delivery 27-28jul15 XFW-DWC-DMK-TPE ex D-AVZS
 Airbus A330 -343 1574  EC-MHL Air Europa at PMI 27jul15 with titl, still in Skymark cs ex OE-IDI
 Airbus A340 -313 242  PZ-TCR Surinam Airways ferried 29jul15 LDE-CHR, F-reg for paint prior delivery ex F-WJKN

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