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Friday, 5 June 2015

Airbus Updates No.1338

Airbus A321 -231 6613  N925UY US Airways delivery 02jun15 XFW-BGR-PIT-PHX, American Airlines cs ex D-AVXO
 Airbus A321 -231 6618  N926UW US Airways delivery 05jun15 XFW-BGR-PIT-PHX, American Airlines cs ex D-AVXQ
 Airbus A321 -231 6623  RP-C9924 Philippine Airlines delivery 01-02jun15 XFW-AUH-DMK-MNL ex D-AVXR
 Airbus A321 -231 6625  N927UW US Airways delivery 04jun15 XFW-BGR-PIT-PHX, American Airlines cs ex D-AVXS
 Airbus A321 -211 6627  B-8036 Juneyao Airlines delivery 01-02jun15 XFW-TSE-TAO-PVG ex D-AVXT
 Airbus A321 -211 6629  D-ABCP Air Berlin delivery 01jun15 XFW-TXL ex D-AVXU
 Airbus A321 -231 6630  B-1679 China Eastern delivery 02-03jun15 XFW-TSE-PVG ex D-AVXV
 Airbus A330 -223 296  UR-WRQ Windrose Air ferried 05jun15 MLA-LHE on new wet-lease to Air Blue ex OE-ICN
 Airbus A330 -243 345  F-WHUS Airbus Syphax cs, ferried 04jun15 JED-DRS afte storage ex TS-IRA
 Airbus A330 -202 825  I-EJGA Alitalia delivery 01jun15 AUH-FCO, first aircraft in new cs ex A6-AGA
 Airbus A330 -202 831  I-EJGB Alitalia for delivery 03jun15 AUH-FCO, new cs ex A6-AGB
 Airbus A330 -223 874  TC-LNA Turkish Airlines in full cs at IST 30may15 prior introduction to svc ex D-ALAA
 Airbus A330 -202 888  A6-EYA Etihad Airways air-test at AUH 26may15 prior re-delivery to Jet Airways ex VT-JWK
 Airbus A330 -243 384  A6-EAE Emirates ferried 05jun15 DXB-NQY for part-out & scrap ex F-WWYS
 Airbus A340 -313 228  B-HXK Cathay Pacific ferried 04jun15 HKG-LDE, all white for storage ex F-WWJI
 Airbus A340 -313 252  D-AIGP Lufthansa ferried 30may15 DUB-FRA after paint into Star Alliance cs ex F-WWJM
 Airbus A340 -642 391  EP-MMH Mahan Air in svc 01/03jun15 THR-MHD-IKA-DXB-IKA ex YI-??
 Airbus A340 -313 442  CC-CQF Lan Airlines ferried 03jun15 SCL-SFB for part-out & scrap ex F-WWJY
 Airbus A340 -542 912  CS-TFX Arik Air ferried 29may/02jun15 LHR-LIS-LOS after storage since 23apr15 ex F-WJKI
 Airbus A380 -861 4  F-WWDD Airbus ferried 02jun15 LDE-TLS after interim storage 

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