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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Airbus Updates No.1231

Airbus A319 -111 2265  HB-JZJ easyJet Switzerland ferried 08nov14 MLA-SEN, for Allegiant Air ex G-EZES
 Airbus A320 -231 53  N621AW US Airways ferried 05nov14 GYR-TUS prior delivery to? ex N902BN
 Airbus A320 -211 726  UR-YAD Yan Air ferried 08nov14 IEV-KRT on wet-lease to? ex N281LF
 Airbus A320 -214 883  SP-HAE Small Planet Polska ferried 07-08nov14 WAW-CIT-REP on winter-ops with Sky Angkor Airlines titl & logo ex OE-ICP
 Airbus A320 -233 1834  HA-LPF Wizz Air ferried 07nov14 BUD-WOE, for British Airways as G-GATL ex EI-DGC
 Airbus A320 -214 2011  CS-TKP SATA International ferried 07nov14 BRU-LIS after summer-lease to Thomas Cook Belgium ex D-ALAC
 Airbus A320 -214 6173  PR-OCD Avianca Brazil delivery 06nov14 TLS-TFS-REC (+ 6139 PR-OCB ex F-WWIS) ex F-WWBS
 Airbus A320 -214 6325  RP-C4101 Cebu Pacific Air delivery 08nov14 TLS-SHJ ex F-WWIX
 Airbus A320 -233 6332  N525VL Volaris delivery 06nov14 XFW-KEF-BGR-MEX ex D-AXAA
 Airbus A320 -214 6333  PK-GQG Citilink delivery 08-09nov14 TLS-DWC-DMK-CGK ex F-WWBK
 Airbus A320 -214 6339  B-1881 Sichuan Airlines delivery 07nov14 XFW-TSE ex D-AXAC
 Airbus A321 -211 535  F-GYAN Hermes Airlines ferried 03/06nov14 CDG-ATH-JIB-ATH-CDG on wet-lease to Daallo Airlines ex F-WQQU
 Airbus A321 -231 864  G-OZBL Monarch not to be returned to lessor** (+ 983 G-MARA) ex G-MIDE
 Airbus A321 -231 1433  G-OZBP Monarch for return to lessor late nov14 (+ 1428 G-OZBS dec14) ex G-TTIB
 Airbus A321 -231 6334  N127AA American Airlines delivery 08nov14 XFW-BGR-DFW ex D-AVXF
 Airbus A321 -231 6337  N914UY US Airways delivery 07nov14 XFW-BGR-PIT, American Airlines cs ex D-AVXG
 Airbus A321 -211 6342  OY-TCE Thomas Cook Scandinavia delivery 05nov14 XFW-CPH ex D-AVXH
 Airbus A330 -241 271  C-GITS Air Transat ferried 07nov14 SOC-HNL after Hajj-lease to Garuda Indonesia ex F-WWKY
 Airbus A330 -243 365  PR-AIY Azul Linhas Aéreas delivery 07-08nov14 SIN-BOD-CNF ex VH-XFA
 Airbus A330 -241 501  F-GRSQ XL Airways France ferried 04nov14 BDJ-SZB after Hajj-lease to Garuda Indonesia ex F-WWKG

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