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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Airbus Updates No.1026

Accident: Wizz A320 at Rome on Jun 8th 2013, left main gear did not extend

By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Jun 8th 2013 15:11Z, last updated Saturday, Jun 8th 2013 15:11Z
A Wizz Air Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LWM performing flight W6-3141 from Bucharest Otopeni (Romania) to Rome Ciampino (Italy) with 165 passengers and 5 crew, was on approach to Ciampino's runway 15 when the crew went around from about 1500 feet due to the left hand main gear indicating unsafe at about 07:20L (05:20Z). The aircraft climbed back to 5000 feet and entered a hold to work the checklists, the crew decided to divert to Rome Fiumicino because of the longer runways available. About 35 minutes after aborting the approach the aircraft performed a low approach to Fiumicino's runway 34R to have the gear inspected from the ground, which confirmed the left main gear had not extended. The crew climbed to 2000 feet and positioned for another approach to runway 34R with the left main gear not in the extended position. The aircraft touched down safely at 08:09L (06:09Z), the crew kept the left wing up as long as suitable, then lowered the aircraft onto the left hand engine, the aircraft skidded to a stop on its right hand main gear, belly (tail area) and left hand wing with the nose gear up in the air, and was evacuated via slides. Three people received minor injuries in the evacuation.

HA-LWM sitting on Fiumicino's runway (Photo: APA/EPA):
HA-LWM sitting on Fiumicino's runway (Photo: APA/EPA)

HA-LWM sitting on Fiumicino's runway (Photo: APA/EPA)

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