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Friday, 19 April 2013

Airbus Updates No.979

Airbus A318  -121  3642     CC-CZS  LAN Airlines  ferried 15apr13 SCL-GYE-MEX, for Avianca Brasil   ex D-AUAJ
Airbus A319  -111  2186     OY-RCH  Atlantic Airlines  to be leased may-oct13 from Air Malta  ex 9H-AEJ
 Airbus A319  -111  2436     CC-AID  Sky Airline  delivery 16-17apr13 SEN-YYR-KIN-SCL   ex G-EZIC
Airbus A320  -232  1383     SE-RJF  SAS  delivery 17apr13 SNN-CPH  ex EC-KOX
 Airbus A320  -214  2768     9H-AEO  Air Malta  ferried 18apr13 OSR-MLA after tail section repaint into new cs  ex F-WWDK
Airbus A320-200 [9H-AEO]
 Airbus A320  -214  3068     9H-AEQ  Air Malta  ferried 17apr13 MLA-OSR for paint into new cs  ex F-WWIJ
Airbus A320  -232  5158  498  LZ-MDR  Via Airlines  ferried 16apr13 SOF-RUH on wet-lease to NAS Air  ex D-AXAC
 Airbus A320  -214  5548     CC-BFK  LAN Airlines  delivery 18-19apr13 XFW-LPA-REC-SCL   ex D-AXAW
 Airbus A320  -214  5554     CC-BFL  LAN Airlines  delivery 19-20apr13 XFW-LPA-REC-SCL   ex D-AXAY
 Airbus A320  -214  5557     D-AIZS  Lufthansa  delivery 19apr13 XFW-FRA  ex D-AXAZ
 Airbus A320  -214  5576     A6-ANQ  Air Arabia  delivery 18apr13 TLS-SHJ  ex F-WWIZ
 Airbus A320  -214  5578     VP-BLP  Aeroflot  delivery 18apr13 TLS-SVO "A.Popov"   ex F-WWBN
Airbus A320  -214  5581     G-ZBAB  Monarch  delivery 18apr13 TLS-MAN  ex F-WWIY
 Airbus A321  -211  781     UR-WRO  Windrose Air  delivery 15apr13 SNN-KBP, all white  ex G-OOPH
 Airbus A321  -231  5519     B-9905  China Eastern  delivery 16apr13 XFW-OVB  ex D-AZAR
Airbus A321  -231  5543     B-6968  Sichuan Airlines  delivery 16-17apr13 XFW-OVB-CTU   ex D-AVZB
 Airbus A321  -231  5546     TC-JSH  Turkish Airlines  delivery 17apr13 XFW-IST  ex D-AVZC
 Airbus A321  -231  5555     VN-A604  Vietnam Airlines  delivery 18apr13 XFW-BAK-HAN  ex D-AVZE
 Airbus A330  -243  345     TS-  Syphax Airlines  seen painted at BOD 19apr13 prior delivery  ex F-WJKG
 Airbus A330  -223  927     5N-JID  Arik Air  ferried 16apr13 CHR-BOD, EI-reg after paint prior delivery  ex EI-EWG
Airbus A340  -541  1091     9K-GBA  Government of Kuwait  delivery 15/17apr13 SKF-TLS-KWI, after cabin config, regd at TLS   ex F-WJKH
Airbus A340-500 [9K-GBA]

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