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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Airbus Updates No.894

Airbus A300  -622R(F)  783     D-AEAH  EAT Leipzig  delivery 11jan13 DRS-LEJ after conversion   ex N5783
 Airbus A320  -231  415     EI-ETM  ILFC  seen re-regd at DUB 09jan13 still in Wow Force Two cs   ex LY-COS
 Airbus A320  -212  579     UR-DAI  Windrose Air  Aerosvit cs, in svc 02jan13 KBP-SZG-KBP after AOC-transfer   ex N181LF
 Airbus A320  -214  1059     EC-LUC  Iberia Express  ferried 10jan13 MAD-CHR for paint   ex EC-HAG
Airbus A320  -232  1407     XY-AGS  Golden Myanmar Airlines   delivery 09jan13 SZB-RGN after paint  ex EI-EUE
Airbus A320  -232  1773     A7-ADC  Qatar Airways  ferried 07jan13 SNN-DOH after paint into new cs  ex F-WWDG
 Airbus A320  -232  2016     SP-HAD  Small Planet Polska  delivery 07jan13 SEN-OSR for paint  ex P4-SAS
 Airbus A320  -214  2180     OK-HCB  Holidays Czech Airlines  ferried 08jan13 PRG-BOH for paint into all wh prior wet-lease to NAS Air  ex G-OOPX
 Airbus A320  -232  2288     A7-ADJ  Qatar Airways  ferried 07jan13 DOH-BRU-SNN for paint into new cs   ex F-WWBS
 Airbus A320  -232  2958     OY-KAN  SAS  ferried 07jan13 OSR-ZRH, OE-reg after paint prior delivery   ex OE-IBM
Airbus A320  -232  3125     LZ-MDB  Via Airlines  ferried 11jan13 SOF-RUH on wet-lease to NAS Air   ex F-WWBF
Airbus A320  -214  4193     VN-A699  VietJet Air  delivery 09-10jan13 ATH-BOM-HAN   ex SX-OAU
 Airbus A320  -214  5434     B-6971  Spring Airlines  delivery 10-11jan13 XFW-OVB-SHA   ex D-AVVN
 Airbus A321  -231  1276     VQ-BRM  Nordwind Airlines  delivery 06jan13 IST-SVO  ex EI-EUT
Airbus A330  -223  343     N772RD  Ryan International  ferried 08/10jan013 PHC-LEJ-RFD after Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission ops for AtlasJet  ex TC-
Airbus A330  -243  461     EC-LKE  Orbest Airlines  ferried 09jan13 MAD-IST on wet-lease to Turkish Airlines   ex CS-TRA
Airbus A340  -542  894     4K-AZ86  Azerbaijan Airlines Avia   delivery 11jan13 TLS-BAK  ex F-WWTH

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