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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Airbus Updates No.675

Incident: Jetblue A320 at Orlando on Mar 30th 2012, suspected blown tyre
By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Mar 30th 2012 22:09Z, last updated Friday, Mar 30th 2012 22:09Z
A Jetblue Airbus A320-200, registration N636JB flight B6-667 from Buffalo,NY to Orlando,FL (USA) with 152 people on board, was on approach to Orlando when the crew reported they suspected the left main gear inboard tyre had deflated. The crew continued the approach for a safe landing on runway 18L, vacated the runway and stopped. Emergency services reported all tyres were still inflated, the aircraft taxied to the gate.

Incident: Batavia A320 at Pekanbaru on Mar 30th 2012, flaps problem
By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Mar 30th 2012 23:45Z, last updated Friday, Mar 30th 2012 23:45Z
A Batavia Airbus A320-200, flight Y6-565 from Jakarta to Pekanbaru (Indonesia) with 163 people on board, aborted the approach to Pekanbaru due to flaps problems. After working the checklists the crew decided to land with partial flaps in sunny weather and near calm winds. The aircraft touched down safely at a higher than normal speed at 15:45L (08:45Z) and stopped just before the runway end (runway length 7050 feet/2220 meters). The aircraft remained disabled on the runway, passengers disembarked onto the runway.

The airport was closed for about 2 hours until the aircraft was towed to the apron, a number of arriving flights diverted.

A number of passengers claimed the crew had announced they had brake problems, there had been sparks prior to landing, there was smoke in the cabin, the aircraft overran the runway and they were kept on board for about an hour after landing before disembarking.

Other passengers reported the aircraft had gone around and continued to fly for about 30 minutes before the aircraft landed. Following touchdown the aircraft came to a stop, then began to move again before stopping again. The crew announced they had problems with the brakes so that they could not taxi to the apron. After about 15 minutes they disembarked onto the runway.

The airline reported there had been a problem with the wings before landing, however stated the aircraft stopped 15 meters/50 feet short of the runway end, there were no sparks and no smoke.

The airport reported the aircraft was towed to the apron, at least one tyre had deflated. The airport was closed for about 2 hours.

Incident: US Airways A319 at Burbank on Apr 1st 2012, rejected takeoff
By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Apr 1st 2012 22:48Z, last updated Sunday, Apr 1st 2012 22:48Z
A US Airways Airbus A319-100, registration N836AW performing flight US-271 from Burbank,CA to Phoenix,AZ (USA) with 67 passengers and 5 crew, was cleared for takeoff from Burbank's runway 15. Immediately after the crew spooled the engines up for takeoff the left hand engine (V2524) emitted smoke. The crew reported they had a #1 engine failure as soon as they powered it up and had stopped on the runway wherever they were and requested emergency services to check the aircraft suspecting the smoke might come from the tyres. Emergency services responded and reported the smoke came from the #1 engine. The crew requested to check the left side of the aircraft for damage suspecting they may have temporarily exited the runway. Emergency services reported there was no visible damage to the aircraft, left landing gear and runway, but the engine was still emitting smoke. Emergency services suggested to tow the aircraft off the runway, the captain offered to taxi the aircraft to the aircraft holding area AA at taxiway A, emergency services agreed, the aircraft vacated the runway via taxiway A2, turned left onto the holding and bypass area and shut the aircraft down. The passengers disembarked onto the holding area and were bussed to the terminal.

The runway was closed for about 30 minutes until the aircraft had taxied off the runway and airport operations had conducted a runway inspection reporting the runway clear.
Incident: Spirit A319 near Knoxville on Apr 2nd 2012, cracked windshield
By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Apr 2nd 2012 21:38Z, last updated Monday, Apr 2nd 2012 21:38Z
A Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N506NK performing flight NK-639 from Detroit,MI to Tampa,FL (USA) with 146 people on board, was enroute at FL370 about 150nm north of Knoxville,TN when the crew reported a cracked windshield and diverted to Knoxville for a safe landing about 30 minutes later.

A replacement Airbus A319-100 registration N510NK reached Tampa with a delay of 5 hours.

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